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San Francisco Bay Area private investigations firm is seeking adventurous and outgoing female and male actors, age 21-60 years old, for a select undercover sting assignment. This assignment is paid. This undercover assignment requires the following of all applicants:

• The ability to follow strict undercover protocol and instructions
• The ability to remain calm under duress
• The ability to ask pertinent questions of the investigative subject(s)
• The ability to act according to the assigned undercover character profile
• The ability to perform the above tasks while wearing/carrying a body-wire and a hidden camera system

Our firm is a national leader in performing undercover sting operations. We are based out of Walnut Creek in the San Francisco Bay Area; however, we perform cases all over the country and internationally. A large portion of our undercover cases require the application of undercover decoys and actors. Our firm is currently involved in an undercover project in which a TV news station is involved. Approved undercover decoy applicants may be shown on the television project and will be required to sign necessary documentation pursuant to network protocol.

Please visit our web site at for more detailed information about our firm. All pertinent licenses can be verified at the State of California Department of Consumer Affairs web site at . Compensation for this position will be $25/hour, with a 4-hour minimum per assignment. Travel may be included and will be compensated accordingly.

Please respond to this posting via email with a brief resume and a recent photograph of yourself. Our office will contact the applicants considered to have met the criteria for a specific assignment and will be offered an interview. Resumes are necessary to gauge each applicant’s areas of work experience and may determine case assignment. A recent photograph is necessary to determine if the applicant meets the gender, height, weight, ethnicity, and hair color requirements for specific undercover assignment criteria, which often differs with each case. *** Important Note — Responses lacking the required resume and recent photograph will not receive a response and will not be considered for any undercover assignment. If you are unable to attach your photo due to Craigslist size limits, reduce the size of your photo.

In response to the frequently asked questions regarding our undercover sting operations and television project:

• Will I work alone? No. If you are assigned to this case, you will be working with a minimum of two investigators at all times (usually one female and one male).

• Will I ever be left alone with the investigative subject? No. Our investigators will either be with you or very close to you in whatever venue within which we are operating.

• Is this job dangerous? For the most part, no. Safety is our utmost concern on any sting operation and all efforts to protect our investigators and decoys are taken. Dangerous undercover assignments are generally staffed by our in-house personnel.

• What type of undercover stings do you perform? A majority are related to infidelity and/or custody situations, others involve internal theft or drug cases for businesses or corporations, and a few involve criminal activity that may result in the arrest of the suspect. Our undercover stings can get very complex, requiring intricate planning and execution.

• Will I be on television? If the undercover sting to which you are assigned is selected by the television project production team, you may be on television. If this is the case, you will be provided with legal network waivers.

• Is this a full-time or part-time position? All undercover decoy assignments are on an as-needed basis.

• How do you select an undercover decoy for an assignment? First, we need to identify what behavior the Subject is suspected to exhibit. Once this is established, we then select an undercover decoy possessing the characteristics most likely to draw the suspected behavior out of the Suspect. The work/life experience and physical characteristics of the decoy applicant are determining factors in selecting the proper person.

• Do I need acting experience to become an undercover decoy? While acting experience is a plus, it is not necessary. Some of the best undercover decoys we have utilized had no prior acting experience.

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