MTV Tryouts for Bully Beatdown



Mark Burnett Productions is casting for the 3rd season of MTV’s hit show BULLY BEATDOWN!!!

BULLIES: Do you consider yourself a bully? Do you think you are tough enough to withstand two rounds in the ring with a Pro-MMA fighter? The longer you stay in the ring, the more money you go home with. If you are at least 18 and appear to be under 26 years of age and want a shot to prove your toughness then contact us now. Include a brief description on why you deserve a chance to get in the ring!!

VICTIMS: Are you are looking for a chance to get the ULTIMATE PAYBACK to someone who is making your life a living hell? Your bully will start of with $10,000, but YOU will have the chance to take it from them when your bully steps in the ring with our Pro-MMA fighter. Don’t miss out on your chance to level the playing field! If you are at least 18 and appear to be under 26 years of age and want to see your bully finally get what he deserves, contact us with a brief description of your situation.

We are currently casting in Los Angeles and New York. In the email please make sure you include your NAME, CONTACT INFORMATION, AGE, and a RECENT PICTURE.

Now Closed.

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