The world’s first live interactive game show needs you!


The world’s first live interactive game show needs you!
Casting notice posted on, casting location: Anywhere with an internet connection
Seeking the bravest and smartest for a new live quiz show! All you need is a webcam and a Skype account!

Introducing ExpandedEntertainment’s new interactive game show! It’s the only one of its kind and it wants [I]you[/I] to join the party!

WebCamRiot! is a Live Interactive Game Show Event with contestants from all over the globe!

It’s free and a lot of fun! Play multi-player games such as Trivia, Local News, Impersonation Nation, Morphing Madness and more! Join the Party, tell your friends, have them watch and support you, and win prizes!

Prizes won on previous shows include Lava Lamps, T-Shirts, Magic 8-Balls, WebCams, Simpson’s Action Figures, South Park Dolls, $100 Best Buy Gift Cards, Cuisinart Blenders, and more!

To join the party, just turn on your WebCam via Skype and call us at webcamriot! We’ll put you on the show!

WebCam Riot!
Wednesday Nights
7pm-9pm pacific

Skype into Username: WEBCAMRIOT

Follow us on Twitter and on our FaceBook Group: WebCamRiot

Casting Location: Anywhere with an internet connection
Contact email:

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