Arkansas Auditions


Curse of The Weed Eater
Casting notice posted on, casting location: Fort Smith, Arkansas
This is a low-budget, independent Christian comedic feature set to run 90-120mins long. We’re looking to start filming Jan 21st, 2011. Filming mainly on weekends Thurs-Sun.

Currently needing the following roles:

1. Bryan O’Brien – Supporting Lead – 23yr old male, single, athletic, Caucasian, 6’+
2. Natalie Zielki – Supporting – 22yr old female, petite, any ethnicity, 5’6”+
3. Freddy Ultriva – Supporting – 19yr old male, Caucasian, 5’6”+
4. Bobby Doust – Supporting – 24yr old male, any ethnicity, 5’10”
5. Wilma – walk-on role – 45-50yr old female, redneck, 5’4”+
6. Old Lady – walk-on role – 60+ old female, any ethnicity, 5’4”+

Casting Location: Fort Smith, Arkansas
Contact email:

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