Chicago – ENOUGH Workshop at Raven Theatre


ENOUGH Workshop at Raven Theatre
Casting notice posted on, casting location: Chicago, IL
ENOUGH A New Musical
Workshop Reading at Raven Theatre

Seeking talented vocalists and actors of all ages and ethnicities for a Workshop Reading of “ENOUGH” A New Musical performing at Raven Theatre. “ENOUGH” is a cutting-edge Musical that fearlessly challenges a world of racial, familial, and political tension with a powerful, contemporary music score to match.
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Audition Locations
Saturday, May 28th from 1-5pm at McNichols Studio
*924 Warren Avenue Downers Grove, IL 60516*

Sunday, May 29th from 11-2pm at Raven Theatre
Monday, May 30th from 5-9pm at Raven Theatre
* 6157 North Clark Street Chicago, IL 60660*

Time Commitment
Rehearsals: June 4 and July 18-31 Performances: August 1st and 2nd at Raven Theatre

Contact Info
(Please include Headshot and Resume if possible)

Walk-ins welcomed!

Material to Prepare
Please prepare a 32-bar cut from a contemporary musical that or rock/ pop song fitting of the genre that shows vocal range and ability. Also, prepare a one-minute, dramatic monologue and a second song choice if asked to sing again. Singing from the show is encouraged. ENOUGH Sheet Music can be found at
Please bring music in the proper key, an accompanist will be provided.

COLE BROOKS — 16-25 (African-American) Soulful Baritenor with High Belt. Late-teens.
AODHAN GALLAGHER — 16-20 (Caucasian) Strong Tenor. Mid-late teens.
CASSIE GIOVANNI — 20+ (Caucasian) Powerful Mezzo Belt. Full-figured.
VANESSA LAWLESS — 16-25 (Caucasian) High Pop Belt. Late-teens. Cole’s Lover.
YOLANDA BROOKS-DAVIS — 30+ (African-American) Gospel Alto Belt. Cole’s Mother. Street-wise and Commanding.
FRANCIS DAVIS — 30+ (African-American) Cole’s Stepfather. Strong Comedic Ability.
AJAX GALLAGHER — 30+ (Caucasian) Strong Tenor. Emotionally withdrawn. Aodhan’s Father.
APOLLO GIOVANNI — 20+ (Caucasian) Baritenor. Smooth and Dangerous. Cassie’s Husband.
ANNIE — 20+ (Caucasian) Mezzo Belt. Bold and Self-assured. Cassie’s best friend.
VICTIM — 16-25. (African-American) Baritone. Murderer of Vera and other Warrensville Citizens.
MS. LAWLESS — 30+ (Caucasian) Alto. Artificial pleasant demeanor. Politician. Vanessa’s Mother.
VERA GALLAGHER — 30+ (Caucasian) Mezzo with Strong Mix. Aodhan’s deceased Mother.
LEO— 16+ (Caucasian) Tenor. Prejudiced counterpart of Erica
ERICA— 16+ (Caucasian) Mezzo Belt. Prejudiced counterpart of Leo

Casting Location: Chicago, IL
Contact email:

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