TV commercial casting call Los Angeles – Asian actors plus 2 kids


audition notice posted by the Casting agent
Casting notice posted on, casting location: Los Angeles, CA

We are holding audition for a TV commercial for a major cable network. We are looking for an Asian actors and actress to play a “family role.” Please read the description from the director below:

Overall: Middle class family living in nice house. Mandarin Chinese. Clean and modern.

Mother: Hot/attractive in a mature way. Strong mother. Not so submissive and shy but she can really speak out if needed to. A go-getter mom and get things done. Middle aged, probably 35-45 years old.

Father: Handsome mature man. Has a very positive spirit and really uplifting. He loves to watch sports. Good speaker. Age 35-48.

Son: A good and cute boy who likes to study hard and keeps up with today tech trends. He needs to be able to talk in front of camera too, and who isn’t too shy. Age 8-13.

Daughter: Extremely CUTE! And who isn’t shy to dance! Age 4-7.

If interested, please contact Bobby Duong at 562-786-7391

Casting Location: Los Angeles, CA
Contact email:

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