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Casting notice posted on, casting location: Dallas, Texas
Child actor and light tech still needed for short film. Will need boy actor aged 9-13 for short film about mental illness and possible alien existence. A good match for the role would be a kid with an energetic personality who plays sports, likes to watch things blow up in movies, isn’t afraid to get muddy, and likes Linkin Park. Creative spark helps but mainly just a kid who is fierce. This is a good script with the sort of character a kid would have a blast playing. Have plenty of references who have worked with me before and they will be happy to say it was a positive, safe working environment. Pay and lunch provided.
Actor submissions send headshots and resume or at least a recent photo with description of acting experience. Light tech submissions can send a link to any work examples posted online or give list of projects you’ve worked on. Feel free to email with any questions.

Casting Location: Dallas, Texas
Contact email:

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3 thoughts on “Child Actor – Dallas Texas

  1. lulu white

    I believe my 12 year old would be the perfect fit for your project. He is very experienced, and is home school, providing a very flexible schedule. Let me know if he is of interest.

    The first two videos below can be downloaded, and both files are zip files in DVD format. You can save them to your computer and extract them to a DVD for playback on a TV, or perhaps you can use Media Player or RealPlayer on your computer if you have the proper codes installed. Please call or write if you have any problems with the links or playback

    After School Awards


    Lulu White


    Sean VanMeter, a classically trained pianist is twelve years old and has been studying piano under the guidance of recording artist Lee Davis for 6 years. Sean has been a featured performer at the Cherry Blossom Festival in Macon for 5 years in a row, has performed at the Georgia Music Hall of Fame, (he was the youngest contributing member), the Classic Center in Athens, the Saint Regis, the Four Seasons, Renaissance on Peachtree, Ivy Hall, Plantation South, the International Horse Park, and has been featured on “Living Life With Style”, WATC Channel 57, WKYT Channel 27 to name a few. Until recently, Sean attended St. Joseph Catholic School in Athens, but made the decision to attend a virtual school in order to have a more flexible schedule to pursue his musical opportunities. He was featured in “People to Know” by Gwinnett Magazine in 2010. He won first place in the Kiwanis Talent Showcase, the Children’s Miracle Network Talent Competition, and the Theta Lambda Lambda Talent Program, He has performed with Christian country male vocalist of the year nominee Steven Paul McCollum, America’s Got Talent’s Xavier Lewis, Vince Ambrosetti, pianist at Mother Teresa’s funeral, and many other artists. He returned this week from Kentucky where he performed several shows, did a live television spot, and filmed a documentary about his musical achievements and the commitment involved in such an undertaking while always managing to continue his volunteer service in the community. He has volunteered over 1000 hours in assisted living communities and charity events. From tens of thousands of entries from across the US, Sean was one of three people featured in the JC Penney/Izod After School Awards in the music/arts division. He has been featured in Living Jackson, The Gainesville Times, Athens Banner Herald, Hometown News, and many other publications. He is currently in the studio recording his second CD. He has upcoming shows in Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, Missouri, and Mexico. Sean made his debut tour of Italy in 2011, and plans to return again in 2012.

    While he is not tickling the ivories on a classical piece such as Chopin’s Fantasie Impromptu or Mozart’s Alla Turca, Sean enjoys taking the stage with his award winning rock band, Death of the Peanut King.

    In his free time, Sean enjoys chilling in his back yard, watching Monk and Psych, and helping his dad with various projects. For more information about Sean, visit his website at . He would love to hear from you, and will write you back if you sign his guest book!

  2. Elijah Williams

    I am 11 and I think I would be perfect for the role. I have loved acting all my life and I am very good at becoming the character. I can be scared, happy, sad, angry and very serious. I am a drummer and I have been drumming for 4 years and have been in 5 musical shows. The only trouble is I live in VA but I could still do it. You can contact me at 703-642-8968 Bye

  3. Kyra

    I have an 11 year old brother and he would be perfect for this role and what you described, basically describes him. He is “a kid with an energetic personality who plays sports, likes to watch things blow up in movies, isn’t afraid to get muddy, and likes Linkin Park.” He has no experience with acting in general but he is not afraid of being himself and acting weird. But if you think he might be worth a look at least send me an e-mail.


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