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Where: Dayton, OH
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Type: Student Films

TRIP is a short film that follows Casey, a teen mom struggling between what feels good and what is right. Filming will take place in May, 2013 and will not take longer than one week. We will be filming in the Dayton/Centerville area.


FRI, March 22nd at Dayton Public Library — 215 E. Third St. — 10 AM-1 PM
SAT March 23rd at Dayton Theater Guild — 430 Wayne Ave. — 9-11 AM & 12-2 PM
SUN, March 24th at Metropolitan Arts Center — 126 N. Main St. — 3-6 PM


CASEY: 19-20. Casey is from an upper-middle class family, and had a bright future, until she met Gavin. Casey raises their child on her own. She remains with Gavin because of the appeal of sex and drugs. Casey is smart, but makes poor choices. Actress must agree to partial nudity.

GAVIN: Early 20s. Gavin is the product of a low-class home where drugs were common. He is an addict to an unknown number of narcotics and lives on his own, thanks to his mother who supports his addiction. Gavin also really likes being intimate with his girlfriend, Casey.

TESSA: 16. Tessa is Casey’s little sister. She is in school and does well. A bit naive, Tessa idolizes Casey. When not in school, Tessa helps take care of Casey’s toddler.

BRAD: (16-17). Brad is clean-cut and comes from an upper-middle class family. In hanging out with the wrong crowd he has gotten into drugs and drinking and has recently quit school.

JEFF: Early/Mid 20s. Jeff is a hard drug user who doesn’t seem like the smartest guy in the group. He knows he lives in a poor neighborhood and that he’s not going anywhere in life, but he likes drugs and he’s happy with his life the way it is.

TONY: Late Teens/Early 20s. Tony is Gavin’s best friend. Drugs have kept them tied together as their one bonding force.

STEVE: Early/Mid 30s. Steve is the oldest drug user in the bunch. Steve has wasted his life using drugs and partying and it’s beginning to show.

RENA: 40s/50s. Rena, Gavin’s mother comes from a lower class background but thinks that she is higher class than those around her. Rena’s role is a non-speaking role.

** No monologue necessary, sides provided. Please bring resumé and headshot, if available. **

Other auditions in Cincinnati and Louisville to be announced. Contact Kasey @ tripfilm2013@gmailcom or (937) 903-9274 for questions.

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Dayton, OH
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