Indie science fiction film seeks bay area actors – Paid


Casting: Senn, a stylish, intelligent plot-driven indie science fiction film seeks bay area actors. Paid!

Where: San Francisco, CA
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Type: Film

Production title: Senn?
Production Type: Independent?
Project: Science fiction feature?
Project website:
?Director: Josh Feldman
?Shooting Location: San Francisco bay area
?Send your info to:
Compensation: Paid, $100 a day
Union: Non-union only

Audition timeframe: February, 2013
Callback timeframe: March, 2013?
Shooting timeframe: May-June, 2013


?Senn is the story of a factory worker on an industrial wasteland planet who is plucked from his dead-end existence and thrown into a mysterious quest. Forces beyond his control with suspect intentions test his resolve, until the breaking point is reached. He has the chance to accomplish great things, but only if he can survive long enough to see it through.

Character bios

Senn works on the assembly line day in and day out until the strange dreams he’s been having take on a life of their own. He’s smart but has a defeatist streak that he has to overcome to fulfill his potential.

Kana and Senn are seeing each other, although between their shift schedules it’s difficult. She’s the voice of reason in the film – and when big events start happening she doesn’t lose sight of her personal wants and needs.

Resh is the jokester who always has a scheme going, but when it comes time he has a hard decision to make.

ALIEN, MALE, AGE: 30/40’s
Although he looks human he’s far from it. He wants to help, but sometimes his good intentions are lost in translation.

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: San Francisco, CA
Please submit to:

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