Theater Auditions in San Francisco for Stage Play “Transcending Voices”


Casting in Bay Area (San Francisco / Oakland)

Transcending Voices is a Theater play aimed at raising social awareness and acceptance around human sexuality, sexual orientation and gender identification.

We will be using individual stories and material gathered from interviews and research to create an original, nonfiction play to be shown at the Castro Theater in San Francisco and a theater in Oakland TBA with the possibility of a national tour. It’s going to be one hilarious and dramatic eye opening play that’ll bring you to a place where you’ll laugh your ass off and cry your heart out all at the same time. We strive to reach people/get our point across by touching humans deepest emotions, fear, love and joy. Through that people will come see the Play and be enlightened, laugh, cry, see a great event and leave feeling refreshed with a smile and knowledge.

9 actors and actresses will be performing 4 to 5 minute monologues.

Straight: Female / Male
Gay: Female / Male
Bisexual: Female / Male
Transgender: M2F / F2M
Parent: Mother or Father

4 additional actors / actresses will be performing short skits.

What to bring:
Bring a comedic and a dramatic monologue to read. A photo and resume would be awesome but not required.

This will be a fun bonding community type theater production done at a high production value/ big budget with an experienced crew. Our rehearsal schedule will allow those with busy schedules and family commitments the ability to perform in this production. For more information about us see our site at

We welcome EVERYONE, professional, amateur and novice actors/actresses to the auditions and even people whom have never acted before but want to be a part of the project and take on smaller parts.

Note: you MUST email us @ with your full name and brief info about yourself so you could be added to the audition list.

Location and time: 518 Valencia st (The Eric Quesada Center )
Sunday March 25th from 1 to 6pm

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