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Save Time & Money with Casting Director and Agent mailing labels

Can you imagine how much time it would take to look up every talent agent, casting director, background casting agencies and manager? A lot! Keeping on top of that information would be equivalent to a part time job. You would need to look up the name and address of every casting or talant agent you can think of, then write them onto your envelopes by hand. Not only is it very time consuming, it's also very sloppy looking. Put your time into your career and let us take care of the address research for you.

We have compiled an accurate and up-to-date list of Agents, Casting Directors and Managers. We update the lists often to give the most current information available. We then took that information and formatted it into standard mailing labels that can be printed from any desktop computer.

Along with the mailing labels, you will also get a spreadsheet with the contact information. The spreadsheet has a column for notes as well as mailing date. Use it to stay on top of your mailing schedule and keep track of who got what and when. Using the pre-formatted mailing labels and database will make it much easier for you to address, mail and schedule your submissions. Since these are in MS format, you can edit, manipulate and annotate the data anyway you want!

Make sending out headshots and resumes to all the agents and casting directors a snap using our mailing labels and spreadsheet mailing manager.


Please note *All labels are in MS Word format to be printed on 5160 Avery labels
labels available at Avery.com or any office supply store
Please note we process orders once a day, after payment, you will receive an email with the labels within 24 hours

Los Angeles Casting Directors & Agents - $11.99
includes spreadsheet

New York Casting Directors & Agents - $11.99
Florida & Georgia Model Agents - $4.99
NY & LA Model Agents - $5.99
Association of Talent Agents NY & LA (ATA) mailing labels - 6.99
* Best Deal* ALL the Above in one package - 19.99

You will receive a password for them by email after the transaction is complete. This is a one time fee and billing is handled through paypal. Your login will be emailed to you once payment is processed.

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