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Auditions in San Francisco Bay Area for Film Project “Study in USA”

Study in USA Location: San Francisco Type: Film Audition Information Audition Dates10/25/2016 Callback Information Callback Dates 10/29/2016 Shoot/Performance Information: Shoot Date 11/15/2016 Synopsis – By chance, Chinese international student Xiao Ran Hua became to roommate with American student Jason. Under the guidance of Xiao Mei who works in student union, Xiao Ran Hua, first arrived […]

Auditions in Detroit for Student Film Project “Solus”

Solus Location: Detroit, Michigan Type: Student Films CASTING CALL Posted on 10/17/2016 Auditions: Tuesday, October 27, 1-7 P.M. (Please note all auditions will be given a specific time within this window) Call Backs: TBD if necessary Shooting Starts: November 2016 Shooting Ends: November/December 2016 Synopsis: After moving to a new city a young woman searches […]

Indie Film “Hell or Half of Georgia” Holding Auditions for Teen and Adult Roles in Boston

Hell or Half of Georgia Location: Boston, Massachusetts Type: Other Projects Film description: 15 minute narrative short set in a trailer park in the deep south. The story follows a brother and sister as they prepare for their father’s long-dreaded release from prison. MOMMA: White female, aged 35-50, a well-intentioned, heavy-set, working-class mother of two. […]

Casting Horror Film Role, Mature Actress in NOLA

Mature actress with dance experience sought for role in horror film She is a cruel and demanding dance teacher with world class accolades and experience. She is a perfectionist and possibly a sadist. She feeds off of the insecurities of gullible younger dancers and that’s not all she feeds on possibly… Will she push one […]

Las Vegas Movie Auditions for Lead Female Role

Auditions in Las Vegas for Lead actress to star in independent feature film “Strip” I’m directing an independent feature film in December. Casting for lead actress role. Casting the following female lead role: Early 20′s, black, dark-skinned This will be a 20 day shoot split into two parts. $1000 offered Synopsis: A financial crisis and […]

Atlanta Area Actresses to Play Mother and Daughter in Indie Film “Wistful”

In search of two strong Female actresses who are capable of presenting a very realistic emotional connection between mother and daughter. No prior film experience is required. However, Prior acting experience (Community theatre, Acting classes, etc.) is preferred. ‘Wistful’ is short film about a young woman named Nora who decides to pay her deranged mother a visit after years of separation.

Phoenix Arizona Actors for Indie Film “Never Forget”

Never Forget Location: Phoenix, AZ Type: Film Never Forget is a captivating and compelling short love story about a couple who were extremely in love and at a single moment in time, a tragedy took that away. We need these two actors: Jax- male, age 21-27, any ethnicity, fiance of Haley Haley- Female, age 21-27, […]