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Spike TV “Catch A Contractor” Casting Homeowners

Catch A Contractor Season 2 Adam Corolla has his own show and he is going after shady contractors on national TV! Did a contractor you hired leave you high and dry?Is your project half way done and in need of completion? Spike TV’s construction nightmare reality series “Catch A Contractor” is now casting homeowners who […]

HGTV Casting Homeowners for New Renovation Show – Toronto

HGTV new reality home renovation show, “The Expandables” now casting season 1 Location: Toronto Type: Reality TV Have your outgrown your home? Do you feel like you’re not getting the most out of your square footage and you’re ready to renovate? “The Expandables” can help you maximize the functionality of your space without adding a […]

Now casting General Contractors nationwide

General Contractors / Renovation Experts Location: Nationwide Type: Reality TV Are you a professional contractor with a fun personality that has a desire to be on TV? If so, we want to hear from you! If you are a licensed contractor with a booming business and love remodeling residential homes, you might be just the […]

HGTV Disaster DIY coming to Toronto

Disaster DIY / Bryan Baeumler is BACK for all you home reno lovers and it’s coming to HGTV! If you live in Toronto, Canada and would like to be in an episode make sure to apply! You’re not a contractor, but even you know that project was not done right! It’s your biggest shame. Behind […]

TV Network Looking for a Female House Flipping Expert

A MAJOR NETWORK TV SHOW IS SEEKING A FEMALE HOUSE FLIPPING EXPERT MENTOR TO LEAD A NEW SERIES! An award-winning TV production company is currently casting female house flipping experts for a new series on a major TV network that’s all about helping first time home flippers. We are specifically looking for a woman who […]

Casting Call for New Home Renovation Show!

DIY – Family Under Construction Location: Nationwide Type: Reality TV “FAMILY UNDER CONSTRUCTION” Is your family planning on renovating your home after being damaged by a disaster such as a flood or a fire? And you don’t have the funds to hire help so now your only option is to renovate yourselves? A production company […]

Reality TV Home Design Challenge

New home design show now casting in Los Angeles – Homeowners with a knack for design. Do you spend your weekdays perusing Apartment Therapy and Pinterest while your weekends are spent trolling flea markets for treasures? Maybe you have a knack for breathing style into salvage, or re-purposing furniture from retro finds. If you can […]

DIY “I Hate My Kitchen” Minneapolis

NOW CASTING FOR I HATE MY KITCHEN IN MINNEAPOLIS Do you hate your kitchen and would love the opportunity to get the kitchen of your dreams? The DIY Network show “I Hate My Kitchen” is now casting for homeowners in the Minneapolis area to appear on the show and get a complete kitchen makeover at […]

“Yard Crashers” Nascar – Charlotte

DIY Network casting call for “Yard Crashers” in Charlotte Matt Blashaw and the DIY show “Yard Crashers” is coming to Charlotte to give a lucky homeowner a Nascar themed yard makeover. The DIY Network show “Yard Crashers” is casting homeowners at the Nascar Hall of Fame this coming Sunday. Homeowners can come on down to […]

HGTV Canada Now Casting new home improvement show

HGTV Canada now casting Canadian homeowners for a new show starring Decked Out’s Paul Lafrance. Do you need some custom work done on your home? Do you live in Canada? If so you can submit your information to Architect Films for a chance to have your project taken on by Paul Lafrance. Paul is the […]

Home Renovation Show casting fun families

Are you planning a home renovation and going “Under Construction”? A TV production company is looking for fun families who wanna get their hands dirty in the ultimate DIY project. Is your family planning on renovating your house but you don’t have the funds to hire a contractor? And now your only option is to […]

DIY Network “Desperate Landscapes”

The DIY Network is casting its home makeover / renovation show “Desperate Landscapes”. The show is casting homeowners whose front yard is a complete eyesore and in dire need of a makeover. Do you cringe when you look at your front yard? Are your neighbors complaining about the eyesore? Are you looking for some really […]

HGTV – New House New Life

Are you in the process of a major life change? Are you moving from the corporate daily grind to the uncertainty of self-employment? Trading in your house keys for a houseboat? HGTV is casting for “New House New Life“, a show about change… and a new home that comes with that change. The HGTV show […]

DIY Network searching for the ugliest yards in America!

Desperate Landscapes from the DIY Network is casting homeowners in some serious need of a remodel! Desperate Landscapes 2014 Casting Call JayTV, the DIY Network and licensed contractor Jason Cameron and his crew of remodel experts are looking to do the biggest project of the year and it may just be at your house! Do […]

Design Show casting male teams

Are you part a male design team? Are you in the following industries interior design/consturction/home design? MAJOR NETWORK CASTING!: Male Home Design Team for new national show! – Are you a male between the ages of 25-40? – Are you a part of a home design team? – Are you a solo home designer who […]

Casting Couples for Renovation Show – Atlanta

CASTING CALL: RENOVATION COUPLE Where: Atlanta Georgia Production company is seeking a couple or family for a new home renovation series for a major cable network. We are looking for recent home purchasers in the METRO ATLANTA, GEORGIA area who are about to renovate their new investment. Casting is open to couples and/or families who […]


Los Angeles – Reality TV ARE YOU THE VICTIM OF A SHADY CONTRACTOR? A MAJOR CABLE NETWORK WANTS TO HELP YOU FIX THE JOB AND SPEAK YOUR MIND. Did you hire someone in good faith to do a construction job that was never completed? Did you sign the agreement and pay the money only to […]

Casting renovation show – DIY’s “Bryk House” – Toronto

Now casting FUN, OUTGOING singles, couples and families for an exciting new season of DIY’s “Bryk House” starring renowned designer Danielle Bryk. Posted by the Casting Producer Where: Greater Toronto Area This casting notice was posted on Type: Reality TV If you’re gearing up for a renovation and would like Danielle’s help email the […]