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Auditions in Norcross, GA for Actors, TV Pilot

Accents Location: Norcross, GA Type: TV Pilots Characters: *Nigel:(Caucasian) Extremely handsome, mid 20’s not the smartest guy, rely on his good looks and thinks everything is easy because people give him everything he is very loyal and nobody knows his background story since he changes it all the time because of his accent and appearance. […]

Casting Actors for TV Pilot in Stone Mountain, GA

SEEKING TWO ACTORS FOR URBAN COMEDY TV SERIES Location: Stone Moutain, GA Type: TV Pilots Seeking two actors for an urban comedy! Nikki: She is a tall, attractive, voluptuous young woman between 18-25 with a model’s figure. Mr. Betts: He is a stern, no nonsense middle aged male between 50-65. ALL RACES/NATIONALITIES ARE WELCOME Please […]

London / Wales (UK) Casting Call for Sky One TV Pilot

Development Project Location: London/Wales (UK casting only) Type: TV Pilots We are currently casting actors for the Pilot of a Horror themed game show for Sky One. We’ve been working with acclaimed horror Director Chris Smith, director of Triangle and Creep to develop the mythology, concept and shooting style of the show. Actors will play […]

Extras Casting Call in Augusta, GA for Upcoming TV Show

Unnamed TV Pilot Location: Augusta, GA Type: TV Pilots Casting by Lynn is building a database for BACKGROUND and Stand-In’s for a PAID Unnamed TV Pilot. Please complete the FREE form in the link below ASAP to be considered. Filming begins in 2 weeks. Needing all types especially those who are older who can look […]

Acor Casting in Austin Texas for TV Pilot “Dollar Door Knockers”

Dollar Door Knockers Location: Austin, TX Type: TV Pilots Casting for “Dollar Door Knockers.” The series follows three ghetto-fabulous Black women living in Crenshaw who are looking for a come up, finding different means of hustling. Peering into the lives of three Black women posted in Crenshaw, Dollar Doorknockers romanticizes the Black girls from the […]

Auditions in Toronto for TV Pilot “Project Camp”

“PROJECT CAMP” (Kids TV Pilot) Location: Toronto, Ontario Type: TV Pilots Redwater Pictures is seeking talented Non-Union Actors for an exciting, FUN, kids TV Pilot! Set in the 1980s at a children’s summer camp, this is going to be a very fun shoot. ROLES: SHELLY (Age 20-35, any ethnicity) – Free-spirited. Teaches arts and crafts. […]