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Caribbean Tan Bikini contest

Basically Lush Entertainment is hosting a 6 week bikini contest at club primal sponsored by Caribbean Tan. i am looking for ladies that are interested in having a great time all night, Private VIP section, bottles, and drinks are included there will be plenty of photographers and a camera crew on location, at a certain time we will announce the bikini contest in the other room, which is when the models will change in the employee bathroom, answer a few questions and walk along the bar then a winner will be announced. the winner will be moved on to the final week of the contest and the winner of the final week will get a trip to Bahamas, Hawaii, some where exotic in the Caribbean with the other carribean tan models for a photo shoots. then they get chosen to be posters or calenders they will be distributed accordingly through Caribbean Tan.

Please call Greg Greenberg with Lush Entertainment if you are interested or shoot me an email at

770 572 3731