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Dead Men The Series – Western
Casting notice posted on auditionsfree.com, casting location: Tucson, AZ
We are shooting an exciting Western for 3 weeks in/around the Tucson area this spring, and we’re coming out from Los Angeles to audition actors in late January. If you see a role that you might fit, please email us at deadmentheseries@gmail.com. In the subject of the email, you must have the character that you are submitting for and make sure to attach your headshot, resume and reel, if you have one.

We look forward to meeting you soon!


Virgil: Mid-late 40’s. Think Sam Elliot. A fierce warrior. Loyal to the very end. In his world there are clear lines between what is right and what is wrong and he will defend those lines till the end. NOTE: Must have extensive experience with riding a horse. Knife fighting a bonus…(Lead)

Cole: Mid 40’s. Cole is consumed with greed. He has an appetite for everything and a will to make it all his. Smart and charismatic but also Machiavellian and very dangerous…(Lead)

Jake: Early to mid 20’s: Jake is the heartthrob. Extremely good looking, something he has relied on his entire life, with bundles of charm. He can make girls swoon just by a smile. Unfortunately because of this he’s resorted to the easy way his whole life. He’s also handy with a gun. NOTE: Must have experience with riding a horse…(Lead)

Carlos Van Pelt: Late 20’s mid 30’s. Carlos finds a sense of purpose and joy in life by doing evil things to people. Everything he is, is built around the fear and aura he has created with his lethal skills. Unparalleled as a knife fighter. NOTE: Must have some experience with riding a horse. Knife fighting a bonus but not a must, as well as piano playing…(Lead)

Roy: Mid-late 40’s naturally an extremely muscular man. Roy is intense a fierce leader who naturally carries a look of defiance…(Principal)

Vance: Mid 30’s. An eagle-eyed assassin. Calm and intense in equal measure. NOTE: Must have extensive experience with riding a horse…(Principal)

Charlie: Late 20’s early 30’s. Vance’s portly sidekick. A simple man who does what he is told. NOTE: Must have experience with riding a horse…(Principal)

Billy: Mid 50’s. Vicious, snake like and yet does not have the charisma to lead. He does his best work by being told what to do. NOTE: Must have some experience with riding a horse…(Principal)

Sissy: late 20’s. Sissy is a foxy buxom blonde. She has lead a tough life and it shows in her eyes, but when it comes time to mask her feelings and do her job there is no one better…(Principal)

Deputy Johnny: 40’s. A beaten man, who finds himself in a situation that is completely out of his control and is forced to go along with it…(Principal)

Mayor Donald Deets: 50-Early 60’s: Deet’s has climbed up the ladders of success off the backs of hard working people. On one hand he says he serves the citizens of Jackson Ridge but he really serves himself…(Principal)

Sherriff Red Watson: Early 70’s. Grizzled and old, he’s seen too much to take anything from anyone…(Principal)

Thundercloud: 40’s. A great and wise warrior. He is quick to act but mostly he looks at all things with stillness and a great sense of depth…(Principal)

Snake Medicine: 70’s. The wise sage. He has seen it all and nothing surprises him. He sees life in a completely different way than others, through the spirit world…(Principal)

Dwayne: Mid-late 40’s. Roy’s brother, a salty down to earth hard working man who brings balance to his brothers fiery temperament…(Supporting)

Jed: 60’s. A silver haired barkeep who’s fearful of Carlos Van Pelt…(Supporting)

Carl : 40’s-early 50’s. Carl is pencil thin with an animated almost comical face…(Supporting)

Deputy Johnston: 30’s. Thick beard or mustache…(Supporting)

Constable: 50’s portly with a thick mustache…(Supporting)

Rough Cowboy…(Supporting)

Young Cowboy…(Supporting)

Sherriff Stanton: 60’s He is the shining light of what is just and right and he will deal with anyone that gets in the way of the law…(Supporting)

Casting Location: Tucson, AZ
Contact email: deadmentheseries@gmail.com

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  1. Norman Brown

    I can be Dwayne, or anybody you choose. I am 49 yo and have done western stunts when I was younger in California, I do not put up with BS!
    If you want someone that is real and not like these overpaid puss’s in Hollywood that cannot act but will take the $$$ and be fed from the media…Call me.


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