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  1. Xuxu

    Hi my nickname is Xuxu and I’m tattooing over 10 years . I’m a professional and creative person . I love what I do and I’m blessed to be able to spread my art on people’s skin! I’m an energetic and funny character, love to work with people and deal with their personalities. I was born in Rio de Janeiro -Brazil and I came to USA 18 years ago to get more jobs opportunities, a better life and I fell in love with this Country and I decided to stay. At the beginning was a little hard because I was left with only $80 and no job yet , but everything started working well after a few days later. It only last 2 months, and I had to go back home for my brother’s funeral (it was a shock and a very sadness moment in my life) , after 3 months in Brazil I decided to come back here and give myself an opportunity to grow and enjoy what this country could offer me . I worked as a bartender for few years and I stared learning the art if tattooing and that was something amazing to experience and I loved it !!!!! Now I want to show to everyone that everything is possible, you can do it! You can put in your mind whatever you want and with all your heart you can get it ! Be free ! Free your spirit! Be yourself !!!
    You are special and amazing !
    Thank you


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