“478” starring Arnold Schwarzenegger Casting in Ohio


Tryout to be in a movie filming in Ohio. 

Ohio residents have an opportunity to tryout for small roles in Arnold Schwarzenegger’s new movie478

There is a new casting call out in Ohio for the film. The are beginning production and looking for talent of all types to work as paid background extras.

There was a recent update to this notice – Seems the extras casting directors have changed and this post is updated with the new information (see below).

478” will be filming in the Columbus, Ohio area and is now casting paid extras. The movie will begin filming in the Columbus Ohio area in December and continue production into the first part of 2016.

478”  is being produced by Darren Aronofsky (“Noah“) and will be directed by Elliott Lester (Love Is the Drug, Blitz, Nightingale). “478”  is described as a revenge thriller and will be released by Lionsgate Premiere domestically.  An actual release date has not yet been set. The film has stirred up a good amount of international attention and is expected to do very well in markets outside the US.

478”  offers a dark story line with Schwarzenegger playing a man whose wife and child die in an airplane accident. Schwarzenegger plays the grieving husband and father who seeks revenge after losing his family in the tragic, mid-air collision. Schwarzenegger’s character blames the tragedy on an air traffic controller who may have dropped the ball and allowed the crash to happen. After being blamed for the accident and vilified for his mistake, the air-traffic controller ends up having to be placed into protective custody. Schwarzenegger’s character is out for blood. He cannot let the incident go and sets out on a path of revenge that may destroy them both.

Arnold 478 movie

Schwarzenegger’s last film, “Terminator Genysis,” was a hit internationally with a $450 million worldwide gross.


Talent interested in working as a paid extra on the movie may email their photos and contact info to 478extras@gmail.com email address.

This is filming in Columbus, Ohio beginning in December.

Please only apply if you live in the Columbus Ohio area as no travel expenses are being paid.

Arnold Terminator

10 thoughts on ““478” starring Arnold Schwarzenegger Casting in Ohio

  1. Lindsey gray

    I am interested in an extra opportunity for this film in Columbus.

  2. Emily Hurt

    How do we apply? I live near Columbus and I am interested.

    1. erica Post author

      The submission information is listed on the page. You need to send the requested into to the casting directors.

  3. Jonathan shifflet

    I am interested in the movie 478 as an extra or for small roles. Male, 26 years old, 5’10”, 165 lbs, Columbus Ohio 43213. available 24/7 have transportation, thanks.

  4. Shannon Stepp

    I am interested. I am 6’4″ if that helps.

  5. Tricia Nickolette

    I would like to apply for a part as one of the extras in the movie 478. I live in Ohio and can provide my own transportation.

  6. kami amore

    Hi, my name is Kami Amore. I am 28 years old. I live in Ohio. I have been trying to get a part as an extra in the movie ‘478’ for the past few weeks now. I have my own transportation and will pay my own way to get to where I need to be. Please consider me as I really, really want this chance.

  7. Ed Webster

    I would like to apply to the Arnold movie, and other extra opportunities in the Dayton, Cincinnati, Columbus areas.


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