Child Actors, Paid Roles in Student Short Film Shooting in Lynchburg, VA


“Sparsile” – Student Short Film

Location: Lynchburg, VA

Type: Student Films

A headstrong young girl, Kira, searches for her lost cat the night before her family moves away the next morning. She crosses paths with a young boy her age, Sam, attempting to escape “Winter” camp. Just as they become acquainted with each other, a glimmer of light in the night sky catches their attention–a shooting star.  Except this one isn’t burning out or slowing down!


All auditions will be considered. Previous acting experience is not required.

KIRA – 10-13 year old girl. Determined, adventurous, curious. Involves scenes running through forest at night, handling cats.

SAM – 10-13 year old boy. Imaginative, introverted, curious. Involves tripping and falling into disgusting substance, handling cats.

Please e-mail for casting sides and additional information.

PAID GIG – $50/day
-One (1) catered meal per production day
-Must be available 11/28-12/7
-Will be filming at night in the cold

Please submit video audition via YouTube or other video hosting site.

Payment: Paid
$50/day, credit, copy of the film

City or Location of call: Lynchburg, VA
Please submit to: by 2016-11-01

This casting notice was posted by: Isaac McCord

5 thoughts on “Child Actors, Paid Roles in Student Short Film Shooting in Lynchburg, VA

  1. Destini

    Besides saying it’s in Lynchburg Virginia, what is the actual location like the street or something

    1. erica Post author

      Most auditions are not open calls, meaning they are invite only. Those invited to come audition will normally get contacted by the casting directors with further instructions as well as specifics to the auditions such as actual address and times.

  2. Destini

    And for our audition on YouTube do we just say the usual stuff like our name height and who we are auditioning for or will you give us a script to audition with

  3. Destini

    Hello, I’d like to audition for the role of Kira for Sparsile.
    I am 11 Years old I always wanted to be an actor.

  4. Casey

    Hello. I would like to audition for this film; Sparsile


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