Acting Auditions in Los Angeles for Comedic TV Pilot “Let’s Eat”


Let’s Eat

Location: Los Angeles

Type: TV Pilots

“Let’s Eat!” is a new sarcastic comedy show that takes place in an Italian restaurant in Los Angeles. Good food, crazy waiters, impossible customers.

We are an independent production company who’s looking for actors to shoot the pilot with.


Aubrey, Female, Age 20-25
She’s a model wanna-be who moved from Wyoming to pursuit her dream against her parents’ will. She’s working as hostess in a restaurant in Los Angeles. She cries when under pressure and hopes she’ll find the one who will discover her while working at the restaurant.

Sam, Male, Age 40-45
He’s a producer who’s been trying to make his own show for a very long time with no success mainly because his ideas weren’t that great and he doesn’t really know how the entertainment business works. He believes he knows what he’s doing but he really doesn’t.

Mariangelo, Male, White, Age 50-55
He’s the chef of an Italian Restaurant in Los Angeles. His grandparents were from Rome so he feels he is 100% Italian (but doesn’t have an accent nor speak any other language but English). Opening an Italian restaurant has always been his dream and now he finally owns one. He really knows how to cook and he’s against Americanized dishes such as Cesar Salad or Spaghetti and Meatballs.

Juan, Male, Latino, Age early 20’s
He’s the buss boy of a restaurant in Los Angeles. He was born in Texas (so he speaks perfect English) but everybody thinks he can only speak Spanish. He believes in aliens and smokes weed because he thinks nobody can read his mind when he’s high.

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  1. Milaena Martinez

    I am a USC student interested in Aubrey’s role! Please e-mail me when you have the chance, thank you!


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