Blake Shelton’s New Show Casting People Who Can Offer Some Expertise


Casting Call for Experts of all kinds

Blake Shelton has a new show in the works and the show and its casting team are searching for experts in various categories.  The show is currently called “Home Sweet Home” yet the notice does state that “Home Sweet Home” is a working title, meaning the show may be called something else at a later date.

Are you an expert in home repairs? A great outdoorsman? An amazing homemaker, crafter or cook? Are you an expert in raising kids or helping kids navigate social media?

If so, the show wants to hear all about your expertise. There are also other categories included in the list.

Please see the casting notice below for all the categories they are casting in as well as the details to apply.

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CASTING: HOME SWEET HOME (working title)

Experts wanted!

Country Music Superstar, and Executive producer Blake Shelton in association with Doron Ofir Casting is on a nationwide search for a select group of experts to help families struggling in our fast-paced and increasingly disconnected world. We are looking for BIG PERSONALITIES as well as a strong point of view about family, marriage, love, tradition, community, and how to navigate in modern society, while remaining true to the core values that unite us all.

Do you consider yourself an expert in any of these categories? Childcare, cooking, home repair, crafting, communication, outdoorsmanship, homemaking, raising children, nurturing grandchildren, marriage, bullying, helping kids navigate social media, reconnecting to your culture or heritage, American music or music therapy.

If you think you have something to contribute to this conversation — and a fun, warm, funny, and/or offbeat personality to match – we want to hear from you!

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