Casting Call for Families for Major Cable Network TV Show


Reality series casting for families in unique situations.

A production company for a major cable network is now casting dynamic families for what they describe as a heartwarming family television series.

The show and its casting directors are looking for a variety of families that have gone through an incredible trial, are still living under what would be considered very unique living circumstances or have participated in something out of the ordinary and interesting together.

Here are a few examples:

  • Family is living on a farm.
  • The family is raising a child with a disability.
  • Your family has a unique hobby or activity that you do as a group.
  • Your family is from a foreign country.
  • The family lives in a unique home such as a tiny house, a boat or R.V.
  • Blended and extended families.
  • Your grandparents are the primary caregivers for the group.
  • You have survived a natural disaster.
  • One of your family members is incarcerated.
  • Someone in your family is famous.

If any above sound like your family… read on for the details of the casting call.

Now Casting Nationwide! PAID Opportunity.
Seeking families that have weathered an incredible trial, are living ??
under unique circumstances and/or participate in something really unusual together. ??
If your family is interested please send the following info to ??
* First and last name???.
* 2 pictures of your family???.

* City & State.
* Phone number & email address???.
* A little information on your families unique circumstances



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  1. Sandy

    Hi i believe I have a story many will relate to. Going through a divorce. My husband moving out in 2 weeks. Will finalize divorce in 1 month. Im 37 and mother of 4 boys. Trying to adjust to divorce, change in family dynamic and trying to figure out how to make ends meet. How do I keep a smile on my face in front of kids when all I want to do is cry in corner? How do I not bad mouth my ex husband in front of kids? When do I start dating again? How will I make ends meet this month?


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