Auditions in Indianapolis, Indiana for Independent Movie “Valley Hearts”


Valley hearts

Location: Indianapolis, Indiana

Type: Film

Jack Hallend: (14-16) a very run of the mill boy. Brown hair and eyes with a hair cut that screams 80s. He has a very straight forward appearance but has a huge secret that will get home into a lot of trouble.

Addy Cook: (14-18) not the most pretty girl but not the most ugly. An average looking 15 year old girl. Brown curly hair and hazel eyes that make you trust her until she does the unspeakable

Samatha Smith: (14-18) the most dangerous girl at school. With a punk look and a killer mood she will get her way. She has blonde hair with brown roots and blue eyes that scream run. She is the leader of her clique

Andrew Campbell: ( 16-20) the jock that will do anything to get in a girls pants. Blonde hair and blue eyes. He is unstoppable. Every girl screams at his appearance but only one gets to have him… Samatha. But only in secret since Samatha is dating Sam.

Debra Walsh: (14-16) the most pretty girl at school. She can count to ten. And that’s about it. She has blonde hair and green eyes that only see Beauty. She comes across mean but is really just a slave to samatha.

Katty Herk: (14-16) she is a know it all. If your wrong she’ll tell you. Brown hair and brown eyes she doesn’t really stand out. Yet Samatha still wants her in her clique.

Sam Wilson: (14-16) samathas boy toy. He acts normal but still seems to differ from the group. His brown hair and eyes are dreamy. While his personality is charming he has his secrets.

Tyler Pier: (15-18) a very broken boy. Life has been hard on him. His black hair and dark brown eyes can destroy. He will be happy one day.

Mrs. Ross: (30-40) a very quirky therapist. Huge glasses and brown hair she is quite the site. She is immature but still does everything she can do to help.

Kevin: (16-17) the boy Samatha gets the drugs from. Shady appearance.
(No certain eye or hair color)

Ms. Martin: (60-99) the very old teacher of Jake. Has grey hair and wrinkly skin. (No certain eye color)

Phoebe: (14-16) the theater kid. (No certain traits)

Hailey: (14-16) phoebe’s friend (no certain traits)

Lucas: (14-17) a gear head (no certain traits)

Chevy: (14-16) the goth girl (no certain traits)

Docter: (20-25) (who ever plays doctor will also voice the lawyer) (no certain traits)

Extras: (14-18) extra kids at school

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Indianapolis, Indiana
Please submit to: by 2020-06-30
Submit a head shot and resume

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2 thoughts on “Auditions in Indianapolis, Indiana for Independent Movie “Valley Hearts”

  1. Aavyn Lee

    I tried to apply by sending an email, however it said the email address could not be found. Is this the correct address or do I need to submit to another. Thanks!

  2. maia chetcuti bonnici

    I am a 14 year old girl looking for an acting role, even as an extra.


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