NYC Auditions for a Satirical Short Film


The Conspiracy: Elders of Zion (A Satirical Short Film)

Location: New York, NY

Type: Film


PRODUCERS: Samuel Swanson, Sydney Davis, Olivia Peralta,
WRITER: Etan Marciano
DIRECTOR: Jake Marshall
REHEARSALS: Hoping to begin rehearsals after Thanksgiving weekend
SHOOT DATES: December 19th & December 20th
LOCATION: Brooklyn, NY
RATE OF PAY: Meals compensated, Credit, Copy of project

LOGLINE: When a dysfunctional Trump puppet threatens the state of the world, the four elders of the Jewish Conspiracy must work fast to ensure that the US President doesn’t annihilate humanity.

Please include headshot and demo clips/reel if you have one


PUPPETEER – 25-40, Female, Caucasian, Jewish — She’s the master of puppets, the literal string puller of the world’s most powerful leaders, CEOs, and entertainers. In spite of her chronic IBS, she’s worked hard to get herself a seat at the Jewish Conspiracy table, and she’ll do whatever it takes to keep control of those puppet strings. COMEDY/IMPROV EXPERIENCE A PLUS

BANKER — 25-40, Male, Caucasian, Jewish — He controls the North American bank operations on behalf of the Jewish Conspiracy. He sees the world through a green lens as everything comes down to cold, hard cash. He’s forever anxious about ensuring the books are balanced, lest they incur the wrath of the Rothschilds’ audit. COMEDY/IMPROV EXPERIENCE A PLUS

MEDIA MOGUL — 25-40, Male, Black, Jewish — As the head of the North American mass media operation, he’s responsible for manipulating all media to ensure a pro-Jewish bent. He’s a stickler for the Rothschild’s protocols and isn’t afraid to confront the other Elders when they get out of line. COMEDY/IMPROV EXPERIENCE A PLUS

LANDLORD — 25-40, Male, Middle Eastern, Jewish — Landlord is the landlord of all landlords. His power to evict is vast and uncompromising. Despite his extraordinary power and reach, he’s above and beyond the most sympathetic of the Elders. And if caught in a crisis, Landlord is the only one who’ll lend a sympathetic hand. COMEDY/IMPROV EXPERIENCE A PLUS

KUSHNER’S HEAD — 30s/40s, Male, Kushner’s Head is as dainty and condescending as they come. He’s the OG expert among the Elders, but would rather be at the spa than the office any day of the week. And even though every interaction with him makes your skin crawl, he’s the person you have to consult in a world-ending crisis. COMEDY/IMPROV EXPERIENCE A PLUS

DELIVERY GUY — 20s, Male, Open Ethnicity — Delivery Guy is the type of grungy-looking guy that just blends in wherever he goes, but that’s par for the course for someone who works as a secret agent for the QAnon conspiracy.

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: New York, NY
Please submit to: by 2020-12-05
Please submit headshot, resume, & demo clips if you have

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