Chicago P.D. Casting Call for Extras in Chicago


Extras casting for Chicago P.D.

Chicago P.D. is in production and is now accepting submissions from Chicago area locals who are able to work as extras on the show when it begins filming shortly.

Please note: This is a casting call for extras and that you must live in the Chicagoland area in order to even be considered.  Extras normally make around minimum wage and travel expenses are not covered which is why you MUST live in Chicago.

If you fit any of the descriptions below and you’re available on both the Covid test date and still photo date, please send an email to using the words in quotes (below) as the subject line of your email so we can easily identify it.

We’re still looking for more submissions for the federal agent roles, specifically from the 20s-40s. If you’re in your 50s and submitted, we already have your photo filed – you do not need to submit again.

It’s really important that when we say these featured roles are director-selected, that everyone sends appropriate photos, following the instructions we provide. Several people are getting themselves bumped from consideration because the photos are the same ones we’ve seen for several seasons, the wardrobe is completely wrong, there’s other people in the photo, the background is way too distracting… If you can’t take one photo that fits the guidelines, it doesn’t give us much confidence that you can follow the instructions in a booking email. A little effort goes a long way. Please don’t cut corners and end up overlooked.

Your photos should be front facing, well lit, and against a blank background. No hats, sunglasses, masks, other people in the picture, filters, etc. Your full length photo should be taken by someone else (if possible), or please set the timer on your phone so you can do it by yourself. FULL LENGTH means we should see your shoes in the photo, as well. Mirror selfies seldom meet the quality required to show the director. Your hair style must be reflective of how it looks today – no outdated photos.

To submit, please send an email to Make sure to include the following in your email submission:



PHONE – preferably a number we can text



SIZES (Women: Pants, t-shirt, bust (including cup)/waist/inseam, shoe)(Men: Jacket, t-shirt, neck/sleeve, waist x inseam, shoe)

VEHICLE INFO (color, year, make and model. If you don’t have a vehicle, please describe your method of transportation to/from set)


TATTOOS (please send us photos of your tattoos and describe where they’re located)

PHOTOS (Please send a current, unfiltered headshot AND full length photo, as well as a photo of your vehicle if you’d like to be booked with your car)
“SPECIAL AGENT” – We’re looking for men and women, roughly late 20s – 40s, any ethnicity, with clean-cut federal agent looks to play FBI, DEA and DHS agents. *PLEASE SUBMIT PHOTOS IN SUITS OR NICE BUSINESS ATTIRE IF YOU HAVE IT* The wardrobe department is looking for darker colored suits (dark gray or navy are great) for these roles. We’ll have a group of suited special agent types, and a group of agents with the polo shirt/cargo pant look. You may be required to come in for a wardrobe fitting on Monday 10/11 or Tuesday 10/12 if your submission photos are not pre-approved by the wardrobe department.

COVID TEST: Sun 10/10, or Mon 10/11 (depending on whether you need to attend a fitting or not). Please let us know if you are NOT available on any of these days.

FITTING: Potentially Mon 10/11 or Tues 10/12. Please let us know if you are NOT available on either of these days.

FILMING: Weds 10/13

PAY: $120/8 + $60 Covid test bump + $25 fitting bump (if applicable)
We’ll also start collecting general background submissions for Episode 908 through our availability form, or you may submit via email using the same address and including the information asked above. Please use “EPISODE 908 SUBMISSION” as the subject line of your email.

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