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Hair Modeling Auditions in NYC

Female Models with Curly or Coily Hair

Location: New York

Type: Educational

I am specifically casting models with 3c, 4a, 4b or 4c shoulder-length hair for live event on Sept 10 in Brooklyn, NY. There will be no hair cutting and no chemicals will be used.

Rate: $200 Same day payment.

I create tutorials quite often, and would like to be able to go through this list of models as more dates become available.

Models must fill out the form:

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: New York
Please submit to:
Must apply at

This casting notice was posted by: Monae Artistry

Extras in Wilmington for Unnamed Project



NOTE: This film is a vaccination and booster mandated production!

– Late 20’s-Early 40’s, To Portray a Caucasian Female (ideally with shoulder-length blonde hair and hazel/light brown eyes)
– Sizes should be: 5’4″-5’8″ tall / S-M Shirt / 24-26″ Waist
– NOTE: This is a Photo Double role with a rate of $200/12. Those applying MUST CLOSELY RESEMBLE THE SIZES / IMAGE IN THE POST

– 18-30’s, To Portray a Male
– NOTE: This is a DPP (featured) role with an additional $50 bump on top of your daily rate.

– To portray staff members at a business in the film. Ages 18+, Any Gender / Any Ethnicity

SIZZLIN’ Patrons – (COVID Test 8/26)
– To portray patrons at a business in the film. Ages 18+, Any Gender / Any Ethnicity

TO APPLY: Follow the link above to access our new database / create a profile. Once you have created your profile, please look for the project “Eric LaRue, Directed by Michael Shannon” and find the role you are interested in to say you are available! If you have questions, please see the post pinned at the top of our FB page, which makes notes of any already discovered glitches, as well as where to report problems to!
Those submitting must be able to work AS LOCAL TO THE WILMINGTON, NC AREA!

Court Show Casting People With Disputes for Court Night Live on A&E

Now casting a new LIVE court show on A&E! Looking for Non-Filed and Filed cases and disputes!

The show currently seems to be called “Court Night Live” and they really want to hear all about your court case.  The new court show just premiered this month on A&E and folks can check out the trailer online.  It actually premiered on August 10th and airs on Wednesday nights.

Got a dispute that you are looking to settle? Does somebody owe you money and absolutely refusing to pay or simply ghosting you all together? Well the casting directors for a new A&E court show would love to hear all about what you think somebody owes you and why.

The show is looking for people that have either already filed their court cases, or are looking to file court cases over the dispute.

The show is saying that you can win up to 4k and is looking for disputes that fall into the following categories, yet will consider other financial disputes.

Unpaid loans?

Property damage?

Emotional distress?

Breach of contract?

Or maybe something else?

Court Night Live is casting.

If the above sounds like you, check out the casting notice on this page to see how you can get some financial justice…on TV.




Casting Lead Female Role in Off Broadway Play in NYC

Casting Lead Actor/model for new off Broadway drama

Location: New York city

Type: Theater

Urgent casting notice
End Date: Friday August 26th, 2022

Casting Male Actor & Model of Color for new off Broadway drama “Dreams & Spirits”
Age range 25-30 Height- 6.0-6.3
Select scenes will be performed at a formal event Saturday September 10th, 2022
Full show run debuts 1st 2 weekends in December, 2022.
Lead role is Charismatic, suave ladies man, a rich young mogul, model looks, whose ex wife tries to get him murdered. Great opportunity. Pay $50 For promo event Sept 10th, 2022 more for full production. Credit, select footage, photos granted. Must be available for reads and rehearsals August 27th & September 3rd/9th & event September 10th, 2022. Submit immediately


Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: New York city
Please submit to: by 2022-08-26
Casting lead male actor/model new off Broadway drama. Ages 25-30 Submit

This casting notice was posted by: Kingdommtc

Extras in Raleigh, NC for Indie Horror Film

Horror Movie game night 1

Location: Raleigh,nc

Type: Film

We are looking for females between the ages of 18-67 and Males ages 18-57. This movie is a game that is based on 3 different movies from horror, made from 1980-1990, In which the game player has to figure out which movie it is. We will tape in Raleigh, NC, on Sept. 5 th at 2:00 pm.

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: Raleigh, NC
Please submit to: by 2022-09-05

This casting notice was posted by: Diamond cheer

Casting Real Couples for Relationship Podcast in NYC Area

“It’s Your Fault”

Location: NYC Metro Area

Type: Other Projects

Your break-up is your ex’s fault! Are you 1,000 percent sure of that? Are you 1,000 dollars sure of that? A fun new podcast is searching for charismatic REAL couples to settle their arguments and answer the age-old question, Whose fault IS it?

This new dynamic and ridiculously honest podcast will give both parties a chance to convince an esteemed panel of experts that they deserve the cash prize. The job of the experts is to decide ultimately who is right and who is wrong, and how to split the pot. The “injured party” will receive their fair share of the $1,000 prize. You’ll get straight-forward, candid, useful judgments from true relationship experts. Both parties must agree to appear on the show.

If there are legitimately two sides to your dispute, we want to hear your case. If interested, please e-mail us at We will send you a questionnaire and address all your questions.

Applicants be 25-35 and legal US residents. Must also be available to record on September 12, 2022 in Manhattan. Other eligibility requirements apply.

Payment: Other

City or Location of call: NYC Metro Area
Please submit to: by 2022-08-26
If interested, please e-mail us at We will send you a questionnaire and address all your questions. Thank you so much!

This casting notice was posted by: Aimee Householder, RoHouse Media, Inc., Executive Producer

Theater Auditions in Boulder Colorado for Original Stage Play “Every Tiny Second”

Every Tiny Second original play

Location: Boulder, Colorado. Norlin Library room M250A 1720 Pleasant St, Boulder, CO 80309

Type: Theater

Every Tiny Second Auditions

Come audition for the premiere of an original play by Cosette Hansen! A great performing opportunity with four primary roles and one secondary role available! (3 females, 2 males.) Looking for actors age 17-25. Auditions will be held at Norlin Library on the CU campus in room M250A. Rehearsals will be held at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints building in Boulder. Tech rehearsals and performances will be held at Jesters Dinner Theater. (See below for the addresses of these locations.)

For Audition

Please prepare a 1-2 minute contemporary teen/young adult monologue.

Prepare to share an experience of when a friend has helped you through something hard or a favorite memory from High School.

Additionally, we will have you do cold reads from the script.

We will hold Callbacks the day after auditions if needed.

You can park in the Euclid parking garage. You will then head north and to the left to find the building. The room is on the second floor in the study area near the west entrance. It can be found tucked in a corner adjacent to room M250B.

Rehearsal and performance schedule

Auditions: 8/22 from 5:00PM-9:00 PM
Callbacks?: 8/23 from 7:00PM-9:00 PM
Regular rehearsals: Thursday, Friday, and Saturday 8/25-9/25
Tech rehearsals: 9/26-9/29
Performances: 9/30, 10/1, 10/2, 10/7, 10/8, 10/9

Every Tiny Second Summary

Every Tiny Second follows a group of four best friends throughout their whole journey through High School. We see all the memories they share and personal struggles they go through during these four years. These friends learn to be there for one another no matter what hardships occur.

Character Descriptions

Lexi: A very extroverted girl with many friends. Although she seems like a typical popular girl, she has a strong heart and will do anything for the ones she cares about. She tries to hold on tightly to every friendship she has because she has a great fear of losing them.

James: A socially awkward studious boy obsessed with studying, reading, and getting good grades. His friends help him to break out of his shell and learn to let go of the stress of school. Deep down inside, what he really wants is to achieve something worthwhile that people will notice him for.

Ari: An antisocial girl trapped in the shadow of her older sister. She tries hard to become her own individual person outside her sister’s influence, but a part of her really admires and looks up to her sister. She may be shy, but she has a strong backbone and is capable of taking care of herself.

Sammy: An enthusiastic boy passionate about theater who appears super confident in himself. However, he actually deals with a lot of self doubt and puts on a masked personality to hide his insecurities. He learns to love and appreciate himself the way his friends do.

Katie: Ari’s older sister. A star cheerleader at school who seems to have everything anyone could want in life. She often bosses her sister around and acts like a motherly figure toward her. Ari later discovers that her life isn’t as perfect as she initially thought.


Norlin Library: 1720 Pleasant St, Boulder, CO 80309
Church: 4655 Table Mesa Dr, Boulder, CO 80305
Jesters: 224 Main St, Longmont, CO 80501

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Boulder, Colorado. Norlin Library room M250A 1720 Pleasant St, Boulder, CO 80309
Please submit to: by 2022-08-22
Please email me at if you wish to audition and I will send you a link to our sign up genius for in person auditions. Auditions are held at the Norlin Library at CU boulder on August 22nd. We also accept video auditions, just email me a video of the required materials

This casting notice was posted by: Cosette Hansen

Auditions in Montclair, NJ & Hackensack, NJ for an Original Stage Play

FRANKENSTEIN, or the Modern Prometheus (ORIGINAL PLAY!)

Location: Montclair, NJ & Hackensack, NJ

Type: Theater

Teaneck New Theatre is excited to announce auditions for an ORIGINAL play: Frankenstein, or the Modern Prometheus, written and directed by Ferdinand Alvaro with an original score composed by NJACT Perry Award winner, Drew “Droovy” Villafuerte.

Auditions are Monday, August 22nd from 7:00 – 9:30 PM at Studio Players in Montclair, NJ and Friday, August 26th from 7:00 – 9:30 PM at Hackensack Performing Arts Center in Hackensack, NJ. Video submissions will also be accepted.

Sign-up to audition now:

Show dates will be October 28, 29, 30 at Studio Players in Montclair, NJ — just in time for Halloween! Nine people will be cast for sixteen roles; there are several characters who are played by the same actors. If you’re interested or have any questions, please e-mail us at TEANECKNEWTHEATRE@GMAIL.COM. We’ll send you the audition packet!

Hope to see you all there!

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Montclair, NJ & Hackensack, NJ
Please submit to: TEANECKNEWTHEATRE@GMAIL.COM by 2022-08-26
If interested in auditioning for this original play, please e-mail us at TEANECKNEWTHEATRE@GMAIL.COM. We will send you the audition packet and address all your questions and concerns. Thank you so much!

This casting notice was posted by: Teaneck New Theatre

TLC “Body Parts” Holding Nationwide Cast Call

TLC’s Body Parts Now Casting

Location: Nationwide USA

Type: Reality TV

TLC’S new show BODY PARTS featuring Allison vest. A renowned clinically trained anaplastologist that helps people around the country with one of a kind of prosthetics that are designed, developed and customized to each person’s specific situation in mind. These incredibly realistic, but also functional prosthetics, can make a substantial difference in one’s life! email to apply or nominate someone!

Payment: Other

City or Location of call: Nationwide USA
Please submit to: by 2022-09-29
email us contact info with your story to

This casting notice was posted by: Aberrant Creative

Online Auditions for “Leap” Musical

LEAP – a new musical – Online Readings/Workshop

Location: nationwide (Online)

Type: Theater

Come audition for the ONLINE developmental readings of LEAP – a new musical! No singing will be required for this table read, the creative team wants to hear the script at its present draft.

LEAP – a new musical – Online Readings/Workshop

Actors will be PAID.


WILHELMINA (WIL) – 41. Female. Musician. Sister to Bheka. Neurotic and stand-offish, but good hearted to a fault. Youthful appearance. Has lived with an extreme anxiety disorder, depression and agoraphobia her whole life but has kept it hidden.

BHEKA – 36. Female. High school teacher. Sister to Wil. Outgoing, playful, honest and a little self-absorbed.
Has experienced a traumatic event and is suffering from intense PTSD and anxiety. Has never experienced a mental health condition previously.

CAILEN – 21. Male. Aware of his good looks, but doesn’t flaunt them. Closet Nerd. Easy going and optimistic, but also insecure and a people pleaser. His parents are wealthy, disinterested and uninvolved in his life. He has spent most of his adolescence with his Aunt and Uncle and their dog Edo.

EDNA – 50+. Female. Online Psychologist. Very open and friendly, patient and level-headed with a touch of sass. Wants to change lives for the better. Loves bees.

AGNES – 50+. Female. Online Psychologist. Candid yet whimsical. Moderates the Online mental health group. Loves her rhyming slogans and uses them religiously. Believes in her methods.

FISK – 30. Male. Quirky and passionate, stubborn but steadfast. Belongs to the online mental health group.
Suffers from PTSD, OCD and agoraphobia.

ROS – Late 30’s+. Male. Former Army Sergeant. Belongs to the online mental health group. Suffers from PTSD and depression. Treats Mari like a daughter and looks out for her. Gruff on the outside with a marshmallow center. Competitive, determined to succeed, young at heart.

MARIGOLD (MARI) – 16. Female. A force of nature, but child-like; strong-willed, but fiercely loyal. Belongs to the online mental health group, they are her family. Exhibits symptoms of bipolar disorder.

See the following link to access all the audition information:

DEADLINE to submit: Monday August 22 @ 11:59pm MST

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: nationwide (Online)
Please submit to: by 2022-08-22
Please see: for all the audition information

This casting notice was posted by: The Musical Hub

Models of All Types for Creative Portrait Series in Los Angeles

Creative Portrait Series

Location: Los Angeles

Type: Other Projects

Seeking all types and ages for a series of absurdist creative portraits. You can see the series at

This is an ongoing project, so the shoot date will be accommodated to fit your schedule.

Please include a direct contact number with your headshot.

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: Los Angeles
Please submit to: by
Please submit headshot and direct contact number.

This casting notice was posted by: Jason Ward, Uncanny Portraits, photographer.

TV Show Casting in NY / NJ Area for Families with Kids

Reality show is casting busy families with kids in the New York City area.

The show is seeking families that live around the Manhattan area, surrounding areas in NYC, as well as the New Jersey area, that find that it is hard to get out, have a date night or just simply try to relax due to always having to deal with the kids, their homework and everything else that goes along with raising a family.  The show and the show’s casting team is seeking NYC families that have two or more children that would love a chance to get a free, live in nanny.

The show is looking for families of all kinds.

Now Casting NYC:

Are you a busy, over-scheduled family trying to juggle work, carpool, play dates, and checking homework? Do you find you no longer have time for date night or relaxation? Would you love a free live-in nanny to help with your hectic schedule?

We are now casting families in Manhattan and surrounding area/boroughs. We are open to everyone and all blends of families. Please submit a family photo and brief description to:


Casting Role of “Money Bag Rick” in Chicago for Indie Film Project

Love City

Location: Chicago, IL

Type: Film

A short film about two gangsters fighting for the top position of being the boss of their city. We follow the ruthless former head coming out of prison on a rampage of destruction finding all those that have betrayed and taken what was his. On the other side we follow the relationship of the opposing gangster and his love interest as they are making their way to the top.

We have started production, but are looking for these two spots to be filled to complete the 4 days out of 7 days of shooting. We have welcomed everyone on set with open arms.

Mia Sinclair – African American or Latina/Hispanic (Lead)

Mia is the lover of one of the other gang’s leader. She’s conflicted with certain knowledge. Vulnerability is key for this role. She’s pregnant and doesn’t know how to deal with the fact is this the life she wants her child to grow up in, and is her man ready to take on more responsibilities while dealing with a battle for the boss of the city in the gang world.

Money Bag Rick – African America or Latino/Hispanic (Side Character)

A smooth talking salesman type of guy in one of the two gangs. He’s laid back and is a bit of an over observer in some situations. He is a stoner, but is the comedic relieve for the crew.

We are doing video auditions now. You can contact us at and send your monologues and resume too.

Thank you we look forward to meeting you!

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Chicago, IL
Please submit to: by 2022-08-22
VFilms LLC

This casting notice was posted by: VFilms LLC

Extras Casting Call in Nashville, TN for Cheerleaders


Rate of Pay:
$128 for 8 hour day plus OT for filming (per day), $20 for covid test taken on non-work dates. You should expect to work approximately a 10-12 hour day – the 8 hours is just the base rate and you WILL work more than 8 hours!

FRIDAY 8/19/22 Covid test
Tentative timeframe from approx 4pm to approx 3am.
**MUST be available for ALL Test & Filming dates. NO EXCEPTION!
Shoot Location: NASHVILLE, TN area

Additional Project Info:
Covid Vaccination NOT required but MUST be willing to be covid tested with our crew and wear a mask when not on set filming. **THIS WILL BE A NIGHT SHOOT THAT STARTS in the early/late AFTERNOON AND FINISHES very late night into early Monday morning!
[HIGH SCHOOL CHEERLEADERS] -female, all ethnicities, age range 18-22 to look like young high school cheerleaders, previous cheerleading experience required as you will be ‘marching in a parade’ and will be acting like cheerleaders. Specify cheerleading experience and whether you still have your own uniform when submitting
EMAIL ASAP to: with subject line: CHEER
Submissions MUST include ALL of the following: first & last name, contact number, height, weight, clothing sizes, city you are located in and a recent photo of yourself. If submitting for a CHILD – include parent & child name, child’s age and date of birth, specify if parent is willing to work on camera also. Photos MUST be in color and be of you alone with no one else in photo, NO sunglasses, NO hats, NO filters and should be taken against a plain/solid color background if possible.


L.A. Rams cheerleader tryouts coming to L.A.

Stand-Ins in Cape Canaveral, Florida for New Movie “Straight Shooter”

Casting directors are seeking very specific types that live in and around the Cape Canaveral area for an upcoming movie project titled “Straight Shooter.”

The project is filming in Florida this summer and is seeking folks to work as stand-ins and photo doubles.

FrontRunner Casting for – Film “Straight Shooter”

Looking for 3 Stand Ins /Photo Doubles for Straight Shooter. Filming in Cape Canaveral, FL
Dates. 8/26-8/30/2022
Rate $200/ 12 hrs
Asian Female Height 5’4 Sizes 4-6 Long black hair Age range. 25-45
Asian Male Height 5’11. Waist 38-43 Age range. 35-45
Black Male Height 5’11. Waist 36- 40

EMAIL TWO good, RECENT photos of yourself if submitting as an individual. One headshot type and another full length – from phone are fine.
Please put Straight Shooter-STAND-IN – Cape Canaveral n the subject line SEND TO —