Audition Tips

There are several significant elements every skilled actor needs when auditioning for success. One key element is the ability to listen with an open mind. Its extremely important for a performer to have a clear focus before entering into an acting audition. You should always listen and pay careful attention to what the casting director says unless you’ve got a strong gut instinct telling you otherwise.

It is also imperative to pay attention to the casting agent. The casting agent may give you vital directions that have come straight from the director, client, writer or producer.  Sometimes the casting agent might even ask you to do the audition with an accent.

Unfocused actors with wandering minds will have a hard time hearing what a casting agent is saying to them. They may overlook the most significant element of the audition, and that is understanding what the director wants. To have a successful acting audition you must be on the ball and think on your feet but not at the expense of what the director might be looking for. Don’t be frightened to talk in the audition room and ask questions. This may demonstrate you have another way of performing the scene and the casting agent might be impressed with your versatility. This is why keeping an open mind is so important. Being able to let go of some of your predetermined notions will allow you to pay more attention to the casting agent and enjoy auditioning for talent agents.


Auditioning tips:

  • Introduce yourself by stating your name, your physical stats and maybe even do a wide shot that shows your entire body.
  • Try to center yourself in the frame as best as possible. Being off center is distracting and may take away from your performance and your video audition.
  • Do not use a cluttered background. If you have a solid colored wall at your house that will work most of the time. Avoid having pictures, windows, blinds or anything distracting in your shot.
  • Keep the camera at eye level and have a friend help you shoot it or use a tripod to avoid movement.
  • Avoid extra noise and make sure you have good sound quality by being close to the mic. If you can not be close enough to get good sound, you can try a clip on mic.
  • If you are having a friend read with you, make sure that they are never the focus and not louder than you are.
  • Do not shoot outside, on location to fit the scripts or anywhere other than the room. Producers want to see you read, leave locations and settings to them.
  • Do not use transitions, effects, etc. You are not making a film, you are auditioning for the people who are and they don’t care about your film making skills, even if you have them.


Here are some videos with some auditioning tips.

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These are simple and straight forward tips that will help you make a good audition tape.