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Rush Call in NYC for Actress on “Hello World” Film

Hello, World! Location: NYC, NY Type: Film URGENT: Due to a personal affair, our previously casted actress had to withdraw. We will be filming June 28, so there are only two weeks to prepare. Luckily, the shooting for this role is all in one location, so there is little to no drastic prep. Rate is […]

New York City Elderly Actress for Short Film

My Heart is No Longer An Orphan Location: New York Type: Film This is a half hour love story based on true events. The film is shooting this summer in Macedonia and Montenegro. HOWEVER, the last scene in the film is in a NYC apartment when now a 65-70 yrs old poetess find a message […]

Auditions for Many Roles in Table Read in Atlanta Area

Finding My Identity Location: Atlanta, GA Type: Other Projects This is a nonunion table read. There is no pay. Casting closes July 31 table read will be August 21. We will have 2 practice readings before the actual table read on 8/1 and 8/15 at 7 pm. Must be available for both dates. Will be […]

Auditions in Mount Vernon, Ohio for Indie Film

Enhanced Location: Mount Vernon Ohio Type: Web series In the small town of Cape Milton lives 16 year old fraternal twins Willow and Willis Reedman Who have supernatural experiences on the anniversary of their mothers tragic death. They go to their grandparents who’ve raised them since their mothers demise for questions and they receive unexpected […]

Lead Role in Short, Low Budget Film – D.C Area

Amy Location: Washington, D.C. Type: Film Amy is a ten minute short film which centers on the troubled relationship between a mother who is a famous stage actress whose career is in jeopardy and her carefree daughter who has lost custody of her young son. Amy has a carefree demeanor, doesn’t care so much about […]

Actors for Short Online Film

TOUGH LOVE REVENGE Location: Nationwide Type: Film For the shooting of a feature film entitled ”TOUGH LOVE REVENGE” to be produced by LOTUS PRODUCTION, we are looking for the following profiles: Saphia 23-27 years old : a tender girl, who has intuition, calm, well thought out, with values of her own, her naturalness is synonymous […]

Zoom Auditions for a NYC Zoom Table Read

NYC – Virtual Table Reads – 2 Shorts – “Valentine’s Night” – “Lucid” – M & F roles Location: New York City based Zoom Event Type: Film I’ve written two short screenplays I’d like to table-read via Zoom: “Valentine’s Night” and “Lucid”. I plan to eventually produce both of them myself. I already have the […]

Auditions in Atlanta for Indie Film “Open House”

Open House Location: Atlanta, GA Type: Web series Open House is the next episode in our Tales Often Told anthology series.?This series is being developed by Rinky Dink Productions, Ltd. for a new streaming platform in development. This episode, “Open House” tells the story of a young couple, who while looking for their next home, […]

Actors in San Francisco for Low Budget Film Project

Comedy Horror Location: San Francisco Bay Area Type: Film Low-budget: non-union Compensation: paid The end of the world apocalypse story about a geek, a narcissist, a whimp, a flirt, a goofball, an airhead, a know-it-all and a few good zombies fighting for survival. – Narcissist: Male or female: ages 19 – 45 – Whimp: Male […]

Film Enthusiasts in Singapore for Short Indie Film

FEEL GOOD FRIDAY Location: Singapore Type: [Unpaid] Hello, I am an independent filmmaker looking to make a short film. I am looking for fellow film enthusiasts who would be interested in acting. Please refer to the attached photo for more details. Shooting is expected to take place in June. Exact dates TBC. Please don’t hesitate […]

Auditions for Supporting Roles in Indie Film “Final Days” in Los Angeles Area

Final Days Location: Los Angeles Type: Film Boulevard (Supporting): Female, 18+ Angel disguised as a “whore”; no dialogue. Celeste (Supporting): 20-30 guardian angel; a young and very beautiful woman (mid 20’s) with strawberry blonde hair and blue eyes; she’s loving, caring and is Daniel’s guardian angel; no dialogue. Young Daniel (Supporting): 10-14 12-years-old, brown eyes […]

Open Call in Gettysburg, PA

GENERATION LANDSLIDE Location: Gettysburg, PA Type: Film Rock Legend Films will be conducting a casting call for a Feature film on Saturday, June 26, 2021 at the Recreation Park main pavilion in Gettysburg, PA. From 9-10:30 am. Seeking actors with little to no experience between the ages of 3 and 65. There are 4 lead […]

Extras Casting in Cleveland

Trapped in the Elevator Location: Cleveland Type: Extras What About Them Productions is seeking extras to be on a jury during a murder trial. Spectators are also needed to observe the trial. ALL ETHNICITIES ARE WELCOME. Production title: Trapped in the Elevator Union / Non-Union: Non-Union Production Type: Independent Project length: Feature Film Production location: […]