Casting Call – MTV True Life – I Have a New Stepparent



Do you have a new stepparent? Did your mom or dad recently remarry and now you find yourself with a new parent in the house? Or maybe one of your parents has been in a relationship for a while but now his or her partner is moving in. How is this change affecting your life? Are you excited to welcome this new parent into your home or do you wish he or she would just stay away?Has he or she imposed new rules that you didn’t have to live by before? Or if they haven’t moved in yet, what changes are you afraid might take place when they do? How else has your home life been altered by your new stepparent? Do you think life will get better or are you afraid things will get much worse? What steps are you taking to adjust? Have you spoken with your mom or dad about the new change? What do they think about how you feel?

If you have (or will soon have) a new stepparent and appear to be between the ages of 15 and 22 email us at and tell us your story. Be sure to include your name,age, location, phone number and a recent photo.