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What is 7+4?

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  1. Sarah

    Need help. What I need is some questions answered.

    1. erica

      What is the question?

  2. rocky rodriques

    looking to work on law and order suv, blue bloods, shades of grey etc. Live in ma, sag# 11343757, look me up on imdb or google rocky rodriques. I was supporting actor in grey lady and featured background on joy. Many other movies as background.

  3. Mariam

    I am Mariam, I am looking into Disney Channel mostly but I’ll make this brief, the show I’ve been looking at the most has be A.N.T farm and I love it. I’ve been musical for basically most of my life and I love the idea of acting, I’ve always enjoyed it. I am 13 and really hope to hear back :p

  4. Pat Pattesib

    I am looking for work. I look, feel and act like someone in their sixties, but am an energetic healthy 75. Did some acting in High School and am interested in an acting or extra part. Have plenty of time on my hands. Hope there is something out there for me. Walk on, crowd, background, street, restaurant, office executive, etc.

    Hope I will hear from you.

  5. marjan tareq

    hello I have two Questions please:

    What does self report mean here?

    Also for the critics choice television awards extras… I submitted photo and con tact information, do I just go in day 1?

    Thank you in advance

    1. erica

      Self report means that you must be able to get there on your own. No, you can’t just attend. The casting directors pick the talent they will be casting. They will email you if they are interested. If you sent your information and got no reply, you most likely are not selected for the show.

  6. Please, ASAP! Please Resubmit Audition for Seniors in Chicago that was posted 3/26/2015 with casting address on How and Where to submit if interested.
    In my family are 4 siblings that are outgoing, joyful, happy , youthful, and the oldest just had a B’day yesterday 3/29/2015 which makes her 92 years strong. If you were to speak to her, you would think you were speaking to a strong fifty-two year old. All four siblings are alive and well, and are good looking, very healthy and all are in Chicago.
    In waiting….
    John Daryl Blouin

  7. Sammy Green

    I am on the Board of Directors at Playhouse 1960. We are a community theatre that has been open since 1973. We would like to post our auditions on this website. We are a volunteer organization so we are unable to pay anyone. Is this the right forum for us? Thank you

    1. erica

      Yes, it doesn’t cost anything to post an audition notice. Use the post casting call link in top menu.

  8. Valerie Dodson


    I am always looking for great auditions in my area. I am wondering why I do not see any for Oklahoma?

    Thank you for your time.


    1. erica

      Oklahoma just isn’t a State that too many major projects are filmed in and unfortunately its also a State that gets left out from many of the larger nationwide casting call tours for reality shows and large theater productions. Casting directors keep offices in the places that are close to the people who hire them, the production companies. You see a lot for Louisiana, Georgia, California, Texas, North Carolina, etc because that’s where the studios choose to film, mainly due to the States incentives, availability of existing studio locations, and other factors. Check with your local film office to see what smaller projects are being produced.

      1. Stephen White

        Hi Erica,
        In general you are exactly correct. Many C&W stars attract celebrities when they need a break from the LA/NYC scene.
        The former husband of our current Governor, Dr. Joseph Fallin, is a producer and promotes film and theater.

  9. massimo

    Hello, i’ve seen actress Rae D. Chong cooking for a pizza. No bad the pizza and very nice Rae!! Ciao Massimo Italia

  10. shaena Garberich

    Im trying to find out were and when i can try out for Americas Next top Model. thank you, most sincerly, shaena garberich

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