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Casting notice posted by the Casting Director
Casting notice posted on, casting location: Best Western Baton Rouge

Seeking the following roles:
Cami, 28;
wine shop owner; late light hair (blond, strawberry blond or light brown); independent attitude; vices are alcohol, Ben & Jerry’s and romantic tragedies; is patriotic and partial to military guys; has a fascination with Asian culture, especially the food; wears attitude tees with phrases printed on them like, “Got vodka?” and “You had me at merlot” Think young Meg Ryan

Peter, lawyer; 34;
tall, dark and handsome; sophisticated; intellectual; wears glasses (sometimes); perfect combination of brawny masculinity and sexy sensitivity.

Grandma, late 60s;
fiery red-head; always up to zany antics; alcoholic; always embarrassing the family at events; flirt; wears too much makeup; leaves lip marks on everyone after kissing them.

Thomas, 32;
good looking though slightly “froggish”; dresses nice; flashy car; smooth talker; two-faced; womanizer.

Mom late 40’s early 50’s, Cami’s mom more reserved than Grandma

Sharon, Cami’s best friend

Carrie, beautiful girl that dates Peter, but has her own issues.

Casting Location: Best Western Baton Rouge
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