Casting Call – Men & Women With a Spending Addiction (Tri State Area)

By | March 24, 2010

Casting-Looking 4 women & men w/ spending addiction (Greater NY/NJ Conn)

New Cable Network Series CASTING IMMEDIATELY

This groundbreaking new series is looking for women & men (25-45yrs old) that acknowledge they have a spending/shopping addiction!

This new series will cast a light on a serious and growing problem in America-


In a country with more than $600 billion dollars in credit card debt, as many as 27 million Americans suffer from a compulsive shopping problem! A spending problem can be as destructive as the worst gambling addiction, AND can be even harder to break. For those that suffer with this issue, it is not only destructive to EVERY aspect of their lives but also wreaks havoc and turmoil on their friends and family.

If you are willing to share your story and are selected for the show, we will get you FREE help from experienced professionals!

• Has your spending habit affected family and/or friends?
• Are you drowning in debt?
• Have you been hiding your purchases from family/ significant others?
• Are you dodging credit card companies?
• Have you lied about where things came from or where $ went?
• Do you lie about how much you’ve spent?
• Do you have a problem saying “NO” to the items you want to purchase?
• Do you hide finances or constantly juggle bills after shopping?
• Has your obsessive spending affected your relationships with family and friends?
• Have you purchased anything with money allocated for a more important purpose?

IF you answered “yes” to many of these questions,
This show could be helpful to you!

To be considered, contact us immediately:
Please put “Shopping” in the subject title
Include your name, where you live, age, occupation, contact info, as much detailed information about your spending problems, where it began, how it has affected your life (give details) & why you think you would be appropriate for the series. Also include your marital status, children or no children and whether you live in a house or apartment.

Please note, for this series we are looking for:

Women/ men (and their families & friends) who are willing to share their story and the impact obsessive spending has had on their lives.
Women and men who are open and willing to work with our medical professionals to try and get better.
( those chosen for the show will be given free services and each case will be considered on an individual basis and treatment will be given to fit individual needs)