Casting Call – True Life: I’m Too Young For My Boyfriend

By | March 24, 2010

MTV’s documentary series, “True Life,” is casting people who feel they are too young for their boyfriends

Does your age make you feel insecure in your relationship? Is your boyfriend able to do things you’re not because of your age? Does the significant age gap make you feel like you’re in two different worlds? Do your friends or family disapprove of your boyfriend because he’s too old for you? Are you afraid he’ll leave you for someone older? Are your lives totally and completely different? Maybe you’re stuck in high school while he’s living the college life. Or, you’re planning your Sweet 16 and dreaming of your driver’s license, while he’s enjoying going to 21+ places. Or, you’re about to go to college, and he’s already a “grown-up” with a job and a home… Does your age difference feel so huge that it’s literally driving you guys apart?

If you appear to be between the ages of 15-19 and think you and your boyfriend have age issues, MTV wants to hear your story. Email us at and tell us about your relationship, and how being younger than him is a huge issue for you. Please include your name, location, phone number, and a photo.