A.A Al-reedy – Working Actor and Contributor


My name is A.A Al-reedy, I am an Egyptian theatre actor and play writer located in Los Angeles. I started acting as a hobby since the age of Nine, when I starred in my first play, Le Petit Prince ( The Little Prince) by Antoine de St Exupéry 1943, it was presented in French in the Jesuit’s Grand Téatre 1983.

I studied law and finance, I had my masters degree in finance 2005 & I was a successful stockbroker and financier for about 13 years, however by this time

I had already participated in several plays most famous of which was The Mandrake by Machiavelli & also wrote my first one Oh My God, lately banned by Egyptian authorities.

I was one of the leaders of the Egyptian revolution also known as “ The Arab spring” I had several interviews live to the hole world on CBS, Sky News & BBC.
My progressive humanitarian views were the reason why I had to escape from Egypt to settle in the Mexican country side.

Still faithful to writing an acting,  I learned Spanish enabling me to take several small parts in a couple of plays.

My business as a land owner was going well, too well that it caught the attention of the people controlling the state where I was living quietly with my wife & newborn son, so I had to escape, again.

On November 2013 I immigrated with my family to California, I took several jobs here and there, took a secondary role in a play, wrote 7 treatments, 1 short, 2 scripts, translated my play to English, and continuing my advances in acting to include cinema and television.

Al Reedy