Cruise Ship Jobs – Oceanbound Entertainment

Oceanboaund Entertainment
Oceanbound Entertainment Inc.
418 Francois
Otterburn Park, QC J3H 5X1

Toll free: 1-888-714-0964
Tel: 1-450-714-0964
Fax: 1-514-227-5475

Oceanbound Entertainment Inc. is using several different audition procedures depending on the job that you are auditioning for. All orchestra musicians must pass a live audition or a private audition (see description below).

All ensembles and solo performers must submit a video recording of a live performance, which may be forwarded to the cruise lines for review. These demo recordings will become property of Oceanbound Entertainment Inc. and will not be returned to the artists.

If you’re about to send a demo to our offices, please remember the following:

Only bands, solo entertainers, and variety acts are required to send a demo package to us (orchestra musicians audition live and don’t need to send a demo to us).

Mail your demo dvd via regular mail to our address. Repertoire list, biographies, pictures and other supporting material should be emailed