Cruise Ship Jobs – PGP Entertainment

PGT Entertainments
P.O. Box 715 Cape Canaveral,
Florida 32920
Tel: 321-453-2313

PGT Entertainment has earned an excellent reputation for the highest possible standards of talent and is proud to support its community of performers.

Although live auditions are preferred, we understand that attendance is not always possible. PGT Entertainment accepts submissions of demo material under the following guidelines. Please read carefully and include the following:

VIDEO: An edited video of 4-8 minutes highlighting as many different performance styles as possible. We prefer that you use the original source music rather than setting one soundtrack to the entire video. Be sure we can always clearly identify you. If you need assistance in obtaining a demo reel, we recommend REEL SPIEL ( as an economical and effective method to produce a demo video. We do not accept YouTube submissions.
Headshot and full body photographs.
Resume which should include the following:

Abilities (for example: Dancer – ballet, jazz, acro; or Singer – Soprano)

Complete and permanent contact information including address, telephone, email and/or website.

Listing of any passports, visas or seaman’s books you hold and their expiration dates

All professional performing experience, education and training

Brief cover letter introducing yourself and specifying your interest and availability.
SINGERS: Your DVD should display your vocal versatility and your dance abilities (all singers need to at least move well). Feel free to include a CD to further demonstrate your vocal abilities, including SATB work if possible.
DANCERS: Your DVD should show you in a variety of performances, with emphasis on Jazz, Swing and Ballet styles. Also include demonstration of technique (turns, partnering, leaps, Russians, splits) and any specialties (such as acro, tumbling, silks/rings). All dancers will be required to partner. Be sure to wear clothing that is flattering to your body; please no black leggings.
Please note that submitted materials cannot be returned.

Mail your completed submission to:

PGT Entertainment
P.O. Box 715
Cape Canaveral, FL 32920