Movie auditions for teens

Teens audition because they want to be famous, and who can blame them? When you see young stars like Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan and Jessica Simpson who started out at Disney Channel auditions, it’s easy to believe you could get discovered at an teen audition too! If you are auditioning to become a major talent in the movie industry, there are some key audition tips to help you. Auditioning with a winning personality has everything to do with how you present yourself at the auditions. Be self-confident for the best auditioning.

Let your talent shine through when you audition. When auditioning, it helps to have family and friends around for support. Auditions for any and all plays and take whatever roles you get seriously. Know your lines and show up for your audition with an attitude of teamwork. When auditioning, have your portfolio, including pictures, ready for any callbacks you may get. Audition panels don’t like seeing a thirteen year old auditioning to look thirty-five. If you like to sing, dance or just have a big personality, you should try auditioning.