So you’ve found your true calling and want to be the next Reality TV show superstar. I’m sure you’ve already taken the first smart step and started to poke around our website to see what reality TV show audition listings are out there. Because of our large database, chances are you’ve already found something that catches your eye. Your next step will be to submit yourself for an audition and you’re on your way to stardom. There are thousands of people competing with you to be on the same show and producers are weaving through the selection as quick as possible. Generally, reality TV shows requests you to submit a video portfolio of yourself. We have a great article in our article database on how to prepare a good video portfolio, but this article is about what not do on a reality TV show audition.

Whether it’s a live audition or a video audition don’t be fake unless you’re a really good actor. Since this is the reality TV show arena, chances are you haven’t had any professional acting experience. Producers are looking for real people with spunk and personality that is “natural” and exactly what they are looking for to fit their show. Do some research on the show by watching past shows to find out what personalities they are probably not looking for. That’s not to say you can’t twist your personality a bit just to try to give them what you are looking for. Now when I say twist your personality it doesn’t mean you should scream, shout, and be plain out annoying in your audition, unless that’s how you are naturally.

Also, try not to lie on your audition as this will probably only hurt you in the long run if you get caught or can’t deliver something you promise you could. Finally, don’t make your video audition too long. You want to compact your audition tape to what producers ask for, putting the most important messages in the beginning of the video audition.

You now know how to audition for a reality show.