Casting 2 black males Texas


Casting black males in Texas(Austin) for a film project that in non-paid. This is for credit and copy only. This will be a shooting of the trailer.
The shoot is scheduled for mid April in Austin, Texas. Seeking 2 black male actors in good physical shape. Two age groups, one 20 to 40 year old range and another in the 40 to 70 year old range. This will be a film about soldiers in war.

SNEAKY GIANTS is casting a trailer to support their feature film project, “TIGER FORCE”. The film centers around a unit of American soldiers in the Vietnam War.

One scene will require the handling of a prop sword while running through a shallow creek. Other shots involve no intense physical action.

This is an unpaid position. Compensation will be credit and a copy of the trailer. The trailer will be shot on the RED ONE and have immense production value.

Please email with TIGER FORCE as the subject.

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