Paid Audience Members Wanted Los Angeles


We are booking PAID AUDIENCE for “THE NEWLYWED GAME SHOW” in Los Angeles. We have 5 days to apply for. As for now we are just taking information from you so we can file you under wanting to be a paid audience member. We will start contacting people next week to start booking the best date for you. We film in Hollywood on Sunset Blvd.

Each Day there is 5 shows to watch. At the end of the taping we pay you CASH. Some tape days have different rates so we will let you know when we call the daily rate. SEE DATES BELOW.

DESCRIPTION: The day starts with you watching 3 shows then you break and leave the studio. At that time you can go get lunch on your own. When you return in an hour, we film the last 2 shows.

To Apply, please email us at, include in email your:

-CONTACT NUMBER (we will call you if we select you)
-PHOTO OF YOURSELF (Any photo, but those who apply without one will not be considered)

MARCH SHOW DATES- Show times start at 1pm (remember there is a 1 hour break after the first 3 shows)

March 4th,
March 5th
March 8th
March 9th
March 11th

If selected we will call you to book.

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2 thoughts on “Paid Audience Members Wanted Los Angeles

  1. Kecheyko

    interested in paid audience work. Please contact me with any availability.

  2. Eduardo

    Well I have experience in different kind of shows which are Hispanic related shows. They pay you to see them but only certain people are chosen but if I do get it, I appreciate it.


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