Untold Stories of the ER are now conducting a search for stories of sexual mishaps – casting nationwide


My name is Erin and I am currently casting a TV show all about funny/embarrassing sex stories. I was wondering if your page would be willing to post my info/flyer for your members to see? Below are all the details, I’d really appreciate you getting the word out! Thanks!

NOW CASTING fun, lively couples who are dating, married, or broken up!

The producers of Untold Stories of the ER are now conducting a nationwide search for stories of sexual mishaps that have ended up in the ER!

Did you have an oopsie while making whoopee? Did you sustain an injury in the throes of passion? Have you had an intimate mishap that tops all others? Do you have an outrageous story that you and your partner(s) love to share?

We want to hear your stories!
Compensation will be provided for selected stories!

Email Me: CastingFunnyStories3@gmail.com
Call Me: 818.563.4131 ext. 209

untold stories of the ER

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