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New Reality Show Casting Young Transgender Groups of Friends Nationwide

AWARD-WINNING PRODUCTION COMPANY CASTING YOUNG TRANSGENDER GROUP OF FRIENDS (age 16-21). Location: United States Type: Reality TV AWARD-WINNING PRODUCTION COMPANY CASTING YOUNG TRANSGENDER GROUP OF FRIENDS (age 16-21). Looking for group of friends/community of 16-21-year-old transgender individuals with active social life. Ideally transgender individuals who hang out together on a regular basis/in close proximity and […]

Casting Opinionated Ladies Living in Santa Barbara for New Reality Project

CASTING: WOMEN OF SANTA BARBARA Location: Santa Barbara, CA Type: Reality TV EMMY and PEABODY AWARD-WINNING PRODUCTION COMPANY CASTING WOMEN (age 21-61) WHO LIVE IN SANTA BARBARA (or directly adjacent). Looking for upscale, aspirational/ motivated/ opinionated and connected women who Best represent S Barbara. Ideally women who are part of the local social, political, business […]

Reality Show Casting Transgender Young Adults

CASTING: YOUNG TRANSGENDER INFLUENCERS Location: Los Angeles, CA Type: Reality TV ACADEMY AWARD-WINNING ACTOR and EMMY and PEABODY AWARD-WINNING PRODUCTION COMPANY are casting YOUNG, TRANSGENDER VOICES for television series (LA or NYC based) Are you, or your friends, a millennial transgender person with a career (or aspirations) as an influencer- be in on social media, […]

Game Show Casting People With Student Loan Debt in NYC

Paid Off Location: NYC, Brooklyn Type: TV Pilots Cowboy Bear Ninja is developing a new game show in which Michael Torpey (ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK) challenges recent graduates to pay off their student loan debt by answering pop culture trivia and competing in college-inspired physical challenges. This production is a non-airable presentation that will […]

Casting Couples Nationwide Looking To Buy A Home

CASTING NATIONWIDE: Couples & Families in the Process of Buying a Home Location: Nationwide Type: Reality TV NOW CASTING: COUPLES & FAMILIES IN THE PROCESS OF BUYING A HOME Do you and your spouse or family disagree on the vision of a perfect home? – Has your house hunting experience turned into a complete nightmare? […]

Casting Female Gamers in Houston for New Web Series

The Beta Boyz 1.0 Livestream Location: Houston, TX Type: Talk Show A brand new livestreaming gamer/talk show, hosted by The Beta Boyz 1.0 channel (on YouTube here – , Twitch here –, is seeking cool, cute gamer chick to join in on the gameplay and hosting action. Initial commitment is minimal, long term […]

Casting Recent College Grads Nationwide

New Reality Show Seeking College Graduates Location: Nationwide Type: Reality TV Are you a recent college grad who is faced with underwhelming opportunities? Are you or your friends still living in your parents’ basement? Do you feel stuck in a job that doesn’t live up to your degree? Did you major in philosophy or music […]