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Reality TV Casting Call for Brothers and Sisters Who Would Like To Travel and Take an Adventure

BROTHER-SISTER DUOS WANTED FOR NEW TRAVEL-COMPETITION TV SERIES. Location: Nationwide Type: Reality TV BROTHER-SISTER DUOS WANTED – WIN A BIG CASH PRIZE ON NEW TRAVEL-COMPETITION TV SERIES! We are searching NATIONWIDE for BROTHER-SISTER DUOS to be on a new travel-competition show for a major television network. Compete for a BIG CASH PRIZE! Would you like […]

Plastic Surgery Show Casting People in Miami and Atlanta Have Botched Procedures

Now Casting Atlanta & Miami Locals With Plastic Surgeries or Injections Gone Wrong Location: Miami Type: Docu-series NOW CASTING ATLANTA & MIAMI LOCALS WITH PLASTIC SURGERY OR INJECTIONS GONE WRONG! Have injections or plastic surgery nearly killed you? Are you suffering physically, emotionally and/or mentally? This groundbreaking new series will follow individuals currently in the […]

Casting Families in Los Angeles Trying To Recreate Long Lost Family Recipes

Unscripted series aimed at helping families recreate long-lost recipes. Location: Los Angeles, California Type: Reality TV NOW CASTING! Are you interested in recreating a long-lost family recipe? We’re looking for families and individuals in **LOS ANGELES** for a new culinary series on a major cable network, aimed at helping families recreate nostalgic dishes. Whether it […]

Casting Call in Atlanta for Brides To Be

Major Production Company seeking Brides-to-be in Atlanta. Location: Atlanta, GA Type: Reality TV Now Casting- Celebrity Inspired Weddings A major production company is searching for brides-to-be getting married between August 2021- February 2022 in the Atlanta area who dream of having a celebrity style wedding. Have you been searching for Kim Kardashian’s dress? Is your […]