Auditions “Blues Theme for Talladega”

By | April 30, 2010

“Blues Theme for Talladega”
Casting notice posted on, casting location: Sandy Springs, GA

African-American mid-century (1955) stage drama, set in a small college town in Alabama. The Klan has a stronghold, and a black-owned cafe is the bastion of the minority community. There is love and temptation, fidelity, fear, and redemption 8 characters. Strong theatre skills, strong dramatic ability.
Submit for the following roles:
30 yr. old Black female, exceptionally attractive, great legs, magnetic, strong lead.
49 yr. old Black male, strong, manly, stoic presence.
40 yr. old Black male, northerner, alluring, a powerful minister’s voice.
30 yr. old Black male, average to good-looking, former basketball star.
28 yr. old Black male, blue collar, a tad sleazy/shifty.
65 yr. old Black male, basketball coach.
12 yr old Black girl, lanky, adept with basketball.
30 yr old Black female, blues singer with self-esteem issues.

Casting Location: Sandy Springs, GA
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