Auditions for Feature Film

By | May 17, 2010

Feature Film
In Association with Frostburg State University, Maryland

SAG Ultra Low Budget
Written and Directed by Micheal McAlexander
Produced by Brad Waisbren
Casting Director: Kara Sullivan (
Shoot Location: Maryland
Audition Dates: Sunday Monday May 16 – Thursday May 20, 2010
Audition Location: Frostburg State University – Frostburg, Maryland
Lodging, Transportation and Meals will be provided
Shoot dates: Month of July 2010
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[THOMAS] Caucasian: Male: 35 – 40: Handsome in an academic way with glasses covering eyes that have experienced too much. A professor of biblical studies whose religious beliefs were shaken five years ago when his wife committed suicide. Thomas sees the world as it is, filtered by the joys of love and the pain of love lost. And he tends to overanalyze everything. He’s a good person who believes everyone is responsible for his or her actions. If he had a theme song it would be entitled “Goodness without God.”

[ABIGAIL] 29 – 35 : Caucasian : Female: Attractive in an unassuming, natural way. She’s an intelligent and wise country woman with two hundred years of family history connecting her to the land and the people around her. Abigail is a single mother, married three times, and works as a university janitor during the day and a bar waitress at night. She is a devout Christian in a sincere, spiritual way – earthy, not airy. Finally, with Thomas, she learns that a man who may not share the same spirituality will love her for who she is and not leave.

[SUNSHINE] 9 – 10: Caucasian: Female: Cute, intelligent and independent little girl. A little girl growing up in a small town who is incredibly wise and has dreams of becoming a ballerina. ABIGAIL’s daughter.

[REVEREND] 40 – 50: ALL ETHNICITIES: Male: An intelligent pastor in a small Appalachian town who is devoted to his beliefs.

[DOCTOR JESSICA ‘JES’ GRIFFIN]: ALL ETHNICITIES: Female: 35 – 40: A very attractive woman. Thomas’ graduate school friend who teaches at the college and got him his job there. Jes is a big-city woman who’s not afraid to speak her mind. She’s a “force of nature” in this small college town and her personality gets her into trouble.

[KENNY KARCHER]: ALL ETHNICITIES: Male: 20 – 23: Attractive and athletic. A jock who likes to have fun and has the most gorgeous girlfriend in school, Mishayla. However, his desire for sex leads him to cheat on his celibate girlfriend with his professor, DOCTOR GRIFFIN.

[MISHAYLA ROSS]: Caucasian: Female: 20 – 23: A gorgeous raven-haired beauty. A strong willed young woman who uses religion to justify her actions whether right or wrong. She “strong arms” others into doing what she wants even if she knows her actions will have negative consequences. She is threatened by Thomas and feels it is her mission to get him fired because, in her eyes, he is spreading lies about the word of God.

[HANNA CLARK]: ALL ETHNICITIES: Female: 18 – 23: Mishayla’s friend. A cute, bookish, “naive to the world” girl. Hanna is sweet and caring to a fault, but lets Mishayla talk her into doing something she shouldn’t. In the end, she does the right thing when her actions hurt others.

[DEAN PACK]: 60 – 65: ALL ETHNICITIES: Male: Dean of Liberal Arts at the college. Very clean cut and severely academic-looking man. Intelligent, serious man who likes to keep a close eye on new professors.

[DARYL RINKER]: Caucasian: Male: 34 – 37: Abigail’s ex-husband and Sunshine’s father. A loud redneck-type who drinks too much and has a bad temper. Treated Abigail badly when they were married.

[JOCK STUDENT] 19 to 21: ALL ETHNICITIES: MALE: Handsome and in good shape. A smart college jock…

[FEMALE STUDENT] 19 to 21: ALL ETHNICITIES: FEMALE: Cute and smart female student…

[BIG STUDENT] 19 to 22: ALL ETHNICITIES: MALE: A big guy who is the jokester of the class. The comic relief in a serious class…

[EMO GUY] 19 to 22: CAUCASIAN: MALE: A student in Thomas’ class. Handsome and smart guy who has a crush on HANNA…

[GOTH GIRL] 19 to 22: CAUCASIAN: FEMALE: Cute and smart Goth girl. A student in Thomas’ class…

[FRIEND ONE] 19 – 22: ALL ETHNICITIES: FEMALE: Cute college student who is a friend of MISHAYLA’S and is part of her God squad…

[FRIEND TWO] 19 to 22: ALL ETHNICITIES: FEMALE: Cute college student who is a friend of MISHAYLA’S and is part of her God squad…

[SLEEPY STUDENT] 19 to 22: ALL ETHNICITIES: MALE: Student in Thomas’ class. Outgoing and smart college student…

STORY LINE: “Set in the mountains of Appalachia, A LESSON OF LOVE is the story of THOMAS AQUINAS MOORE, a professor from Los Angeles recruited to teach at a small-town college, who falls in love with ABIGAIL MEEKS, a deeply religious local woman. The unlikely love is torn apart by one’s commitment to faith and the others devotion to reason. They both must overcome deep-rooted fears and age-old prejudices to hold on to the love they both desperately need.”