Auditions for “Jesus is Gay” Orange County / L.A.


Theater Auditions Orange County

Monkey Wrench Collective will be holding auditions for the World Premiere of JESUS IS GAY by local playwright Chris Secor.

SYNOPSIS: A lonely housewife who sings to forest creatures + a gay Latino convenience store clerk + a dazed and confused, pot-smoking rapper + the hit TV show The Jewlyweds + a vindictive bitch with too much time on her hands + a cheating husband + a power-hungry right-wing evangelist + a very unfortunate misunderstanding=Hell on Earth.

Directed by Dave Barton.

This is an open casting call, beginning at 6:00 p.m., Monday, November 15. Rehearsals begin Nov. 22nd and the show opens January 28, 2011, running for eight weeks.

Where: Monkey Wrench Collective, 204 N. Harbor, Fullerton, CA. 92832

All roles are open, except the roles of Honey and Big Bird and all ethnicities are encouraged to audition. There is some pay.


Mona: Female, 30s, a lonely housewife who talks to imaginary animals and faces the wrath of a Fundamentalist Christian Inquisition over a stupid misunderstanding.

Steven/Fantasy Steven: Male, 30s, a callous jock douchebag whose last moment of glory was in high school, unhappy in his marriage/his sensitive, romantic alter-ego.

Anthony: Male, 20s.Latino convenience store worker who worries about everything, thick accent.

Marcus: Male, 20s, good-looking, wannabe rapper/model. Can talk to birds and is perpetually stoned.

Regina: Female, age open. Right-wing televangelist in the Jerry Falwell/ Robertson style, but worse.

Jewish Producer: Male, age open, reality show film producer/director stereotype.

King of the Gays: Male, 20s, good-looking, flamboyant activist stereotype.

2 Bodyguards/ Stage Hands/Puppeteers: age open.

PDF scripts are available from