Auditions in Los Angeles for 2 actors that are or look to be of Indian decent

By | March 26, 2010

Auditions in Los Angeles for 2 actors that are or look to be of Indian decent. This is a short film that will shoot over 2 or 3 days in Los Angeles. This is a non-union and non-paid gig meant as a learning process for other films. The film is set to be shot in the beginning of the next month, April, 2010.

1. The man needs to pass as a senior in high school (17 or 18 years old), must look like he is of (east) Indian decent, must know some soccer, and must look athletic.
2. The woman must play the mother of the high school student, needs to look like she is of Indian decent.

We are a new Entertainment company who will be shooting many shorts and features to come. This is a low budget short that will consist of a maximum of 2-3 days shooting time. Be aware that while on set, a process of learning how to shoot and direct will be taking place with a close colleague of mine. We are looking to shoot by the 1st and 10th of April. If you work well with us, we will call you back for future projects that we have scheduled. We will be submitting this project to festivals. You will receive copy, credit and meals. but no pay.

email headshot and resume to

Sunny Malick
Creative Producer
IAG Entertainment Corporation

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