BBC casting “The Culture Show”


BBC is casting a great show about the books that we all read and the pop culture behind them.

BBC wants to hear from book worms and everyone in the UK that likes to read popular books or belongs to a book club.

Come and tryout for “The Culture Show” and show us all how much you know about popular books and book clubs.

Whether you belong to a book group, are an industry expert, a bookworm or an enthusiast, we want your views and opinions on what your favourite book is and why.
We want to hear from fans of a broad range of books and authors – from Jeffrey Archer to Patricia Cornwell, Stephen King to Agatha Christie.
Please email us with a brief outline of your favourite book or author and why you like them in no more than 200 words.

Applicants must be 18 years of age and over.
Phone: 0141 422 6218

or email us with your stories at

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