Bellajohn Theatricals will produce THE MUSIC MAN | Riverside

Bellajohn Theatricals will produce THE MUSIC MAN.
All roles are open. Audition is September 21st from 7:30-10:30 pm and September 25th at 3:00 pm.
Please bring 16 bar song from the show, and be prepared to read a side. Dancers will be taught a combo. Please bring appropriate attire. for more info.
951-237-0517 for an audition appointment.

Casting notice posted on, casting location: Riverside

Character breakdown
THE MUSIC MAN By Meredith Willson
?Character Breakdown: ??

HAROLD HILL ?Leading man, charismatic and charming, good actor, average singer/mover. B – High G

??MARION PAROO ?Leading lady, excellent voice, strong actress, moves well, confident. G – High G

??CHARLIE COWELL ?Good actor, strong speaking voice. Non-singing ??

MAYOR SHINN ?Good actor, comic timing. Non-singing ??

EULALIE MACKECKNIE SHINN ?Good actress, comic timing, good singer, moves well D – High D ??

MARCELLUS WASHBURN ?Good actor, comic timing, sings and dances E – High D sharp

??ETHEL TOFFELMIER ?Good actress, good singer and moves well D – High D ??

MRS. PAROO ?Mother to Marion and Winthrop, good actress, singer, capable of Irish brogue ?A flat – High E flat ??

WINTHROP PAROO ?Young, shy son to Mrs. Paroo/brother to Marion, capable of lisp, sings and dances ?C – High E flat ??

AMARYLLIS ?Good actress, same size/age as Winthrop, slightly bratty small singing role
THE QUARTET: ?EWART DUNLOP, OLIVER HIX, JACEY SQUIRES, OLIN BRITT ?Important singing roles, capable of holding harmonies, some acting ?Olin–Bass: A – High D ?Oliver–Baritone: E – High F sharp ?Ewart–Baritone: E – F sharp ?Jacey–Tenor: B – High A ??

TOMMY DJILAS ?Handsome, teen heartthrob, good actor and dancer Non-singing ??

ZANEETA SHINN ?Excellent dancer, Mayor’s daughter, love interest to Tommy Non-singing ??

GRACIE SHINN ?Good singer, Mayor’s younger daughter B – E flat ??
ALMA HIX, MAUD DUNLOP, MRS. SQUIRES ?Pick-A-Little ladies core group, strong singers, comic timing, move well, married to ?3 of Quartet men All: D – High D ??

CONDUCTOR ?Strong speaking voice; Non-singing ??

CONSTABLE LOCKE ?Good actor; Non-singing ??

ENSEMBLE ?Adult-types, teens and kids to play townspeople, traveling salesmen, teen dancers, ?Wa Tan Ye girls, boys’ band; Various SATB

LEAD DANCERS: 6 male and 6 Female feature roles.

Casting Location: Riverside
Contact email: