Casting Audience Members for Dr Drew MTV Show

By | March 11, 2010

The show is an issue-driven, host-moderated, forum on teen pregnancy featuring the “16 and Pregnant” season two families. The mom’s will be flown to NYC to participate in this one-day event, which will be hosted by none other than Dr. Drew. The girl’s won’t be alone – we’ll be able see who’s stepped up or stepped out to be their main supporters. Will they arrive with the baby daddies, their parents, or alone? The format will be simple: all about the issues. Dr. Drew will discuss each girl’s episode, specific issues and challenges, and update us on what’s going on now. This open discussion will provide a platform to address many of the controversial topics that originated from our stories: birth control, adoption, abortion, marriage, religion, gossip, finances, high school graduation and employment. Finally, questions will be taken by invited members of the studio audience.

Have you watched the show the entire season? Do you have thoughts and opinions on what you’ve seen? Would you like to tell the members of the show how you feel? This is your chance!

We’re looking for opinionated, outgoing fans of the show that have something to say and aren’t afraid to say it on camera!

As a member of the studio audience of the reunion, you will get to screen moments from the last episodes of the show before they even air!

Afterwards, you’ll be in the audience as we shoot the reunion show and given a chance to talk on camera and express yourself about the series and the people it followed!

DATE: Thursday, March 18th
TIME: TBD. It will most likely be an ALL DAY event. You should be available ALL day before replying.
LOCATION: NYC. (You MUST be in the NYC area to attend the Reunion)
Want to be a part of it?
Email us at:
Put “16 and Pregnant Reunion” in the subject line and include the following:
AGE: (must be at least 16 years old)
GUEST NAME AND AGE: (You can bring ONE guest with you)

Someone will be in touch ASAP if you receive the chance to attend the Finale Special!

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